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  Family matter....only when you know where they are
Posted by: Dominix - 11 hours ago - No Replies

The storm that had ripped his family apart had ravaged the canyon for some time. After his siblings Sibrin and Shilah were flung to shore and killed, he had  found himself  alone. Between the wind and debris it was too much for the young wolf, somewhere along the way as he stumbled through the darkness that the dwindling daylight and thick layer of storm clouds had brought on, he’d managed to make one wrong step as he toed the line next to the edge of the canyon where Dominix hoped to find his family. Little claws slipped through the slick mud, throwing off his balance and before he knew it the floodwaters were wrapping around his in a frigid embrace, carrying him for an unknown length of time before instinct kicked in and he paddled towards the surface.

Too small to swim very well, the male had been whisked away, head pulled under the surface numerous times as he was pulled far by the temporary stream the flood had formed. Time was lost to him, it could have been days, weeks, or only one night until he finally opened his glassy yellow eyes with a spluttering cough to rid his lungs of the water he felt there and his mouth of the taste of sand. Wait- sand? Pulling his legs under him, Dominix lifted his dark head to study his surroundings while he fought the headache that screamed through his entire skull.

The water here was quite low now, enough that his hind end was actually still half submerged while Dominix’s head and chest rested on the grey-sanded shore. Reeds and small shrubs obscured his view for a time, so he slowly pulled his body into a standing position and plodded further from the burbling water. His stomach growled it's protest as he crested the hill and found him self only a short walk from some caves. This was unfamiliar territory, definitely not the canyon, though the caves looked enticing enough. Scanning the surroundings, Dominix felt a flutter of panic in his chest at the idea of being alone and far from home. Memories of that flood flashed through his mind and his lip quivered briefly before he managed to stop himself. No, he wasn't gunna freak out. Not yet, anyway. First he was going to curl up and dry off in the closest cave and make a plan. That was the smart thing to do, right?

So the young male crept through the grass, staying low and sniffing the cave entrance thoroughly before deciding to enter. It seemed unoccupied to him. Sometime felt off, but since he couldn't put a paw on it,  Dominix finally shrugged and settled down to groom himself and let his downy fluff dry for a while.

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Lightbulb Stepping Stone
Posted by: Little Liam - Today, 01:05:02 AM - No Replies

The sky wept in a silent drizzle. It felt more as though Liam were walking through a misty fog than rain. The day was gray; the cloud the saber was traveling though blotting out the sun. It didn't bother the smoldering brute, he was content with the weather, it matched his soul. There was a strange comfort in this fact. Some might have found it depressing, but the forgotten kit found it refreshing. He was cooled by the touch of the cloud. The way the particles of water clung to his pelt as if they were attracted to him by a magnet. It left his scent muted. 

The sabr’s tongue flicked over the damp earth. It was a quick motion as he inhaled. There was not much he could gather from the moist earth. A sigh left his chest as his head rose. Blood soaked eyes narrowed as he examined the small meadow. It was lined by rows of tall trees, their color fading from bright green to brilliant reds. In the lower part of the mountains, rising above the trees, the peaks of old stoned remains. It peaked his interests. The things that the elder cats left in their wake had always intrigued the male.
Liam stood still, just his chest moved as he breathed deeply. He hardly blinked, only when the droplets on his lids grew heavy did he let his eyes flutter. He was content with watching the way the clouds moved above the trees, the way they billowed around the castle, and swallowed the rest of the horizon. 

The last remnants of a smoldering kingdom, Liam is painted in the blaze that snuffed out his former homeland. He is a transition; a near void at his flanks with a blush of mahogany. At his hindquarters, flakes of marigold and brick sprinkle in, like cinders fluttering through a scorched night’s air. The tip of the saber’stail fades into the emptiness that only can match his heart.
As you progress from the brute’s rump and travel along his spine, the mahogany is stripped, cut up by a burning glow of rich tangerine orange, maroon, and crimson. A raging fire is roaring in the cat’s gut with such intensity that it stained his pelt with its flames. The same marigold embers flicker across his rib cage, in no particular pattern, adding to the illusion that the flames are truly licking up his body. Liam walks through stripped flames. His forepaws dipped in glowing coals, the fires drowning out in that same rich mahogany at his shoulders and chest. 
The vast majority of the Saber’s nape is a warm maroon, it lightens towards his spine, and two thick cracks that resemble molten lava seeping out of the scorched earth split his small, hound, short mane. One at the base of his shoulders and the other just behind his cranium. The tips of Liams ears are shining brightly yellow. The right side of Liam's face is splattered with flames of marigold and tangerine fading up into his forehead. The opposite side of his face is actually scared. The fur near his blood rich eye burned away, sizzled until it left his cheek hot with burns. The same scarring can be seen on his right rib cage and his back left paw. He has little sensation left in that pad. 
Liam’s is built like a …young....gladiator. He is board shouldered, barrel-chested, but his legs still slim enough for him to dodge and evade. A well-crafted tool of beauty and destruction. He is evenly balanced, average in length, but on the taller side. He stands proudly, his head high and chest bared. He moved with a dignified grace and can often present himself as snobbish. His eyes are piercing, burning with a rich blood red that can bore through any soul, aiming to pick apart their secrets. As everyone has them. Don’t underetemate him, although he may come off like a jerk, he’s sweet heart and kind.

Monsters are created, not born. It took time to craft Liam into the cruel creature that he is today. Long ago were his virtues stripped away and warped, his naivety used against him until he grew jaded and bitter. His views of justice skewed, his heart darkened, and he turned cold and angry. The shell of a saber was left void, lost and lingering as all he believed in was burned away. In the darkness, the shadows of his personality seeped in; spreading like a virus. 
Merciless - The world has not been forgiving to Liam thus why should he be? Mercy is a sign of weakness, a sign that you cannot do what needs to be done, even if it's something soul-crushing. Time has proven to him that he cannot allow his enemies to walk among the living, he must be precise in his decisions and ultimatums are the only choices. 
Vengeful - Perhaps the leading trait that turned Liam into the monster he is today. He seeks justice against those who have done him wrong or those who were tools in such things. To betray him is signing a contract of demise. He will hurt you, only if you hurt him, He will take from you more than you took from him. He will leave you begging for death and only when he's had his fill of justice will he grant you your final wish. He trusts very few and to break his trust brings out a demon that knows no bounds. He will make you suffer, make you pay until you take your last breath. The highest offense to Liam is a betrayal by those he lets in.
Malevolent - To wish ill will on all would be foolish, he only wishes to punish and condemn those that do not follow under his law and rule. The world is his oyster and he the pearl for all to admire. He will take whatever measures necessary to ensure this. As that is how he was raised. He became zealous, drunk with the glory that was supposed to be his. At a time he was humble but when his birthright was stripped away is bitter. 
Liam walked up to the only ruins, sat and starred.

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  can't go on without you [acceptance/trespass]
Posted by: jocelyn - Yesterday, 10:09:01 PM - No Replies

|♥| hiraeth |♥|
little lolita; false hiraethi

ooc approved w/ angus to have her trespass.

slight trigger warning.

Echoes of his screams were like hymns in her ears, something akin to an angelic choir singing. As she fled Leigo, the pack found his corpse; cries of agony had drowned away her music. In her heart all the agony in the world writhed and wrung itself, why did her family cry for him but not for her? WHY HADN’T THEY MISSED THEIR BABY GIRL? A thousand times over since she started running those thoughts had taken their grip, her fangs bared, she cried. Lather, rinse, repeat. Mace deserved to die, he deserved it, if nothing else in the world seemed certain right now, Jocelyn still knew the boy had to die. He’d been unfaithful, unappreciative, cruel even-- all that she could have forgiven really-- but he’d taken her family from her. Momma, Daddy, lavish living, adoration, meaning, home… Unmistakably unforgivable. Her eyes stared at the blurring landscape ahead of her with steely precision.

That dark demon was slowly slipping back down into its hiding hole in her soul, his cruel slithering and sharp claws drew away from her brain. The shadows crept away and tears formed in the edges of her bright pink eyes. Where was she going? What was she going to do with herself? Could she fend for herself? Why hadn’t her family wanted her? Why hadn’t they defended her? Why was Leigo so far away? How long had she been running? Jocelyn’s lungs burned but her long willowy legs refused to cease their forward motion. Her demon had disoriented her, she didn’t know which way she’d ran but fear propelled her forward. More and more. Further and further.

The boy’s blood was caked on her now, dry and crackling, occasionally breaking away from fur. The young mix breed realized she was cold, she was wet? Ears pinned back and pink eyes squeezed tight, finally forcing her paws to a screeching halt. Mud packed between her toes and grass got snuggled up against the soft fur. The pink monster breathed raggedly for a moment, eyes searching in vain past the dried, bloody curls of her typically beautiful locks of hair. Jocelyn didn’t even remember running through water but as she looked down it dripped off of her steady still, like miniature waterfalls. Perhaps the water had washed her demon away? He’d quit whispering to her, the singing of Mace’s cries had slipped into obscurity. More tears fell from her face, mixing with the blood to turn nearly pink in their hue as they splattered the ground. The small woman wished the demon would come back, she felt stronger when he was there.

Not that there really was any sort of demon, Jocelyn had no true notion of heavens or angels. All she knew is she found strength in her anger; she was less vulnerable then. But a child was a child, raised delicately with ideas packed into her head, emotions were rampant and as weak as she felt in the moment, she was too distraught to fight them off. Honestly, she didn’t know how. She’d always had Momma or Daddy to help her, to protect her and tell her how to be. So instead the girl trembled, wet on her chest and stomach, red blood smeared and dried across her face and tangled in her curls, tears pouring to the ground. Jocelyn was scared. Jocelyn was alone. Jocelyn had nothing. She was just about to collapse on the spot when a figure in the distance caught her eyes and she moved her now shaky legs to inspect it. It looked like a wolf but she realized as she drew closer it was a statue of some sort. Canine, grown over plant life, the young woman stared weakly up at it.

Jocelyn sighed, she suddenly felt heavy and decided to let her legs give in here. Here seemed as good a place as any to wither away into nothingness anyway. Small, wet eyes blinked softly until the mixed woman drifted into a sleep, curled up at the base of the statue. The hours ticked away and when the cold night came, a sound roused the frightened girl. Fearful eyes peered out into the darkness, small furry body instinctively backed up against the statue, head low, breathing out uneven puffs of warm mist in the night air.


Is that you Momma? Daddy? Leigo?

Have you come to kill me?

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  a new day
Posted by: Moyra - Yesterday, 03:09:58 AM - Replies (6)

Here it was.

Moyra let her gaze travel around the mystical thicket of trees she stood before and took a deep breath. She felt like she had been walking for ages. She had lost track of how long it had been since she began her journey to Nardir, and she had taken a hit in build over her trip. Finding food was difficult when she didn't have her mother around to help her. Or her friend. She missed both of them dearly, and had tried to bring her friend along but he didn't want to be a part of a pack. A wave of brief sadness came over her, and she let the crystal she had found along the way drop from her jaw. It didn't last long, as another wave of pride and excitement took over. This was what she hoped would be the start of the rest of her life. She took comfort in the idea of how proud her mother would be of her.

Moyra let her legs fold under her small frame. She wasn't quite sure what to do next, as she hadn't ever been near a pack border or interacted with someone from a pack. Too afraid to call out and disturb someone, she decided the best thing to do would be to sit and wait for someone to pass by. She remembered her mother saying how packs patrolled their own borders, so maybe she would find a patrol.

She used her paw to roll the crystal in front of her and admired its shininess as she waited. The purple color of the crystal matched the scenery surrounding her. It matched her own pelt too, she discovered to her own delight. Moyra found herself getting distracted by the territory and made an attempt to prick her ears as to hear any better. Not much luck, but she thought she perhaps smelled another creature drawing closer.

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  Aftersounds (Merc/Open)
Posted by: Charley - Yesterday, 01:13:09 AM - No Replies

[Image: n0HcaK9.png]
K y r a,

Oh don't you dare look back, Just keep your eyes on me
I said you're holding back, She said shut up and dance with me

actions - “speech” - thoughts

She left the border with red paws made of lead. She struggled to keep her head high but as she found herself at the bottom of the Queens ramp looking up, past the royal den and into the night sky, something cracked. She bit her lip as it hit her what she was about to do. Suddenly her paws where light and ready to fly, ready to take flight into the woods, sure that when she returned he would be there and it had all been a dream. She couldn't do this. It was in the middle of the night for one and she didn't feel like queenie would appreciate the interruption over this. She wondered how much Mercury knew of what had been going on. Surely everyone had seen her... outburst as much as it was. Other than that... Regardless she had a duty to do. She was the one who had regretfully witnessed it.

It was easy to make it a duty, she put on a mask, straight faced she climbed the ramp. She would sit in the open air balcony until morning. When Mercury would emerge from her den, Kyra would be the first thing she saw.

With a sigh the red woman lay down heavily on the balcony and looked out at the night cloaked scene. The full moon was casting its silvery romantic light upon the lake. She closed her eyes to it, she couldn't bear it. Something fluttered in her side and she felt a cramp, she shifted her position and the ache subsided. When she opened her eyes she had turned her gaze upon herself. She was definitely starting to show. Her side was starting to swell and this wasn't a full meal bloat anymore.

She lay her head down and waited for the sun to rise. Dozing and staring into the cliffside wall next to the Queens den doorway. The morning couldn't come soon enough.  


Photo © Cedric Verstraete / coding © vixxie's codes / lyrics © Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

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  mountain of the sun [fisk]
Posted by: Solrush - November 16, 2018, 09:19:37 PM - Replies (2)

She loved the way the sand would sink with each step she took. Solrush's massive paws left quite the mark on the wet sand along the beach; she recalled being self-conscious about that as a younger wolf, but now she was more or less unbothered by it. As she was with most minuscule things; it took quite a bit to get her stirred up these days. She credits living in such a soothing environment for her increasingly relaxed outlook on every day life. 

Solrush found her usual basking spot along the beach; a large piece of the nearby cliff had fallen to the beach and in doing so, made the perfect bed. The sun was setting and hit the rock, warming it for the next creature to take comfort in. Hoisting her bulky frame onto the rock elicited a small grunt from her and a sigh as the warmth melted into her belly. Solrush unclamped her jaws to release the mouthful of berries she had been carrying. As a crafter, she made a variety of trinkets, but her favorite hobby was painting. Anyone wandering Tortuga was more likely than not going to run across one of her works. In her spare time, she often found wide trees, stones, or simply dry ground as the canvas to her art.

She began with mixing different berries to get them to the colors she desired. Drawing inspiration from the pink and orange skies, Solrush decided she would recreate the sunset on the open spot in front of her. While some berries were bitter to her, the ones she chose for today seemed sweet. Sol ran her tongue around her snout as some of the juices splashed onto her as she blended.

As to be expected, Solrush soon smelled a packmate nearby. Tortuga had a fair amount of members, so she was used to crossing paths with others more often than not. Her lips curled up into a little smirk when she recognized the familiar scent of her feline friend.

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  Wolves are deadly, but loving a wolf is suicide!
Posted by: Erysichthon - November 16, 2018, 01:01:08 PM - Replies (1)

He shifted into his wolf state and roamed for about seven hours before returning to the tent like home he made from rocks,branched, and leaves. It was big enough for two people, so he had room to spread out.
It’s was the middle of winter, and the winds were just starting to whip a crossed his face.
Leaves twisted, scattered like rain.

The air dropped cold, fell thin and grew quiet.
Summer coats were shed in full, soft replaced by denser dark, jet black pelt.
East, north, higher; the mountains a row of jagged teeth, the plains slowly rising to meet them, the ocean disappearing behind massive cliffs.
The young black wolf,Erysichthon, or Ery,climbed alongside the raven that had hopped beside him since he was a pup,they were hoisting themselves up to new heights.
The snow storm came without warning, sweeping aside the leaves for fresh snow that blanketed the sky-high peaks.
One day they woke and the land below had vanished, a carpet of clouds having drifted beneath their very paws and talons.
Ery grinned and bounced playfully in the snow, toppling piles of the powder past the clouds, teasing the floaty substance as it curled between his toes.

He’d climbed a mountain once, but he’d never been so high before!
The clouds under his very feet, the sky a brilliant blue above like nowhere else, and snow drifting higher thanks to air currents that swept up the slopes.

Skidding through the highlands, the wolf timed a dash to throw up a mound of snow onto the ounce.He lifted his head and let a bellowing howl, his howl echoed through the lands.

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  Young Blood
Posted by: Bloodbird - November 16, 2018, 03:38:27 AM - No Replies



So, I’ve decided to crawl out of my shell and uh, make a pack.
No, not a pack…not yet. A group, a little chill out spot where all the hellions and messed up, depressed people can come to.

So basically it’s a medium sized clump of land that has a pine forest (dense, dark and plentiful with prey), and a lake (fresh water, fish).
The main part of this place is a rolling hill side of grass, with a few oak trees in between. In this place there are a few parts (three small dots of land) that only the top 5 ranks can go to and solve arguments, decide who is being banished, order hunting patrols/border patrols and things like that.

Booooo! Nobody likes rules.
Well…I have good news, and some bad news for you

Good news is, is that there are only a few rules.
Bad news is, is that I do expect you to follow them. Aleast some of them
1. Respect other people and there choices.
2. If you do get a fight PRP thread thrown at you, no god like powers.
3. Don’t be a dick.
4. We do allow cursing in our thread… don’t over use this privilege, or I won’t let this be allowed.

Okayyyyyy. So ya. That’s it.

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  Cloudburst (Machati)
Posted by: Charley - November 16, 2018, 12:52:27 AM - Replies (5)

Reese was running swiftly across the open grasslands. Between the mountains, the forests, and the streams. It was early fall. The dying summer sun was sinking lower and lower in the horizon earlier and earlier each day. The leaves had begun to turn, the grasses had dried and as the brown tri color dire ran through the grasslands it whispered past him like a thousand hushed voices.

A song in his head was calling him home... home home home... Into the mountains, into the trees, under the moon. For now though the time was just before evening. Dusk was on the precipice of overcoming the mid afternoon. He ran and ran and ran until his tongue was lolling and he was out of breath. He had to find some water soon.

Licking his chops he glanced at the darkening sky. A soft emerald gaze drank in the last vestiges of summer. Maybe he'll stay in Nardir until spring.

He slowed his running, he wasn't as built for endurance as his heftier sister. He was made best for tight spaces, weaving and dodging, escaping. He came to a stop and put his nose to the wind looking for a scent or sound of water. He cast his eyes to the sky again to see if he could spy a bird hovering over a nearby river or lake.


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  jaws theme
Posted by: Chad - November 15, 2018, 10:56:22 PM - Replies (2)

links to art/aesthetic goes here when he has one lol

Fuckface the rat was yelling at him again, but there was no need. The rodent scurried around his feet again and suffered the consequence of getting stepped on multiple times - not that it phased the Jay; in fact, it seemed like it was a normal occurrence. Believe it or not, the maroon male was actually moving relatively quickly for someone of his size, because he was a man on a mission. He caught a whiff of someone that he didn't want to miss.

"Miriam," He called out with a jovial tone, springing up on the woman without giving her much options for escape. Chad had his target, and she wasn't going to weasel her way out of this one, and he strutted closer to her. "Look at you, youuuu sexy bitch." He winked, suddenly lifting a front paw up to wrap around the woman and pull her against him in a friendly hug. "You fuckin' Crystalline women are just stunning, honestly."

His mangy rat ran up beside him, still making noise. His smile dissapeared, frowning down at the gross little rodent before one of his back legs shot out and kicked the little shit away from him. "I'm fuckin' busy you needy fuckin' git." He made no mention of the abrupt fart that slipped out the moment he went to kick, and if he had his arm around Miriam, he'd give her a little shake (while still keeping her uncomfortably close) as he turned his attention back to her.

"Now, here's what I'm fuckin' thinking. You are a beautiful, elegant woman with a set of feathers that're gonna be in my dreams for weeks," His eyes flicked to the iridescent crest atop her head for a moment. "And I'm a big strong fuckin' man and the best fuckin' Jay in this place." He laughed, waggling his eyebrows at her (or at least, the best wolf equivalent).

"I think you and me should get to know each other, eh?"

You sexy crystal bitch, you.

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