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  we'll become the flowers
Posted by: Arielle - Yesterday, 01:12:03 PM - No Replies


That meant home, the place she was born, where she had grown up, surrounded by family. The beginning had been bleak, the leadership of a tyrant, the loss of a brother. New leadership came and gave way, and even more Arcana became her family, even led by it. Peace had only lasted a brief while, only for misfortune to cast its shadow over the tribe once more. The youngest sister taken in the night, along with nearly half the foxes of the crater by Northern beasts.

Misery took over, but still she grasped at hope. She believed that her brother and her sister, brave Triarches, would bring the lost members home, and things could go back to the tranquility they'd had for such a short time. She'd never thought that it would be the last time she would see them, both Prosper and Cerys leading the rescue. Only stories of them came back. They said there was success, the leaders had created chaos and allowed for the captives' escape... but it was not without loss. She still remembered the icy chill she felt when she'd heard the words of one was witness to Prosper's fall. The fates of others left unknown.

So many did not return, and the terror divided them, some seeking safety among the wolves of Nardir, others simply running. She had tried to stay, after the crater was left abandoned, but struggled to become part of the Nardiri, and found herself also drifting away. Living on her own, Arielle found many obstacles in her path, doing her best to grow and to overcome.

It made that word ever more enticing when she'd heard it, first whispered, sometimes with scorn, but the muttering spread, perhaps not to the most interested parties, but still they spoke of it.


She followed the words, perhaps naive but so very hopeful that they weren't lies, or whispers of a long dead ghost. Treading carefully, even beyond the strewn corpses in the furthest edges of the woods, she avoided seeing them, pressing on, hoping, pleading silently that she would find something. Arielle sought only her family- she would find that in the most unexpected of ways.

[Image: Q0Dtxdq.png]

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  Oh, Worm?
Posted by: Amando - September 23, 2018, 08:39:28 PM - No Replies

Amando's still not certain of his place around here. He spent the first week or so hashing out his feeling with the trees, and he's not even technically in the pack, he doesn't think? Sure, Aioli let him in, only because he's such a mess the guy felt bad turning him away. To show his appreciation, he's been-- you guessed it-- tending the garden. It's sort of his thing, talking to and taking care of plants. He hopes this isn't stepping on toes, but if Borogrove didn't skin him for it, he'll probably be okay.

Someone ran through here with a warthog recently, it seems. He missed that mess, and doesn't know the guy to feel sorry for his passing, but there are plants to be fertilized, and doggone, a refugee's got nothing better to do.

(Is that what he is now? Is that the best an ex-Leader/Officer/Assassin/Loner can do? Tough crowd.) He's weeding a patch of lavender, paying no mind to his surroundings whatsoever. Wow, isn't that just asking for it?

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  Of Monsters and Men [Birch]
Posted by: Amando - September 23, 2018, 08:26:35 PM - Replies (2)

The trees are just as sweet as he had hoped. It feels right, to be surrounded by purple flowers, and healers, and an army he's not in charge of. Amando feels safe, and accepted, and lonely, and so very sad. How sad is it, that he didn't even know he was sad until that Sentry pointed it out-- he didn't even give Aeolus a nickname, and that upsets him more than the outcome of the actual interaction, like he cheated the guy, somehow.

He lifts his head, to watch the wind in the leaves. There's just nothing like it-- like waves, but so much nicer. The trees don't have a hit-list for him. The timbre looks totally regal, with his head high, armor gleaming in the sunset, as he announces to the trees, "I'm gonna call him Aioli," with no clue they're not the only ones listening.

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  The Giving Tree
Posted by: Serrate - September 23, 2018, 06:56:09 PM - Replies (1)

Her friend came to her and told her of an invitation. She smiled at him-- she hadn’t been back to the pack of violets and fresh starts in so long. Since before all of this. Before Gemini. She left under duress. She would return different than she had been then. Perhaps she could put what had happened on crusted snow to rest. She would like that. It would be better. Her children could grow like Gemini’s wildflowers and they could forge a stronger bond than they’d had before.

That was, of course, the hope.

They took their time. They gathered their young and on one sunny morning, began the journey to visit Inaria. She ensured, this time, that the children had permission to come. Even the children of the captives Shark and Rita, under the watchful eye of an elder sibling, joined them. It would be a good experience. When they came home, perhaps the matter could be put to rest. She would take this time to get to know the pirate captain’s children.

(Oh, how little she knew. Of them. Of her own children. Of the things that would pass between them, like sand sifting through cloudy water.)

It was a long walk for such short legs. She offered to carry those that grew tired, and in due time Inaria’s purple trees dotted their horizon. It was best to address them now, before overeager children scattered, energized at the opportunity to explore this new and bountiful haven--

We’re almost there,” she tells the group, casting a smile back at the nearest child. “Listen up! There’s a few things I want you to remember during our stay.


Inaria is our ally. Treat their home and their people with respect. Behave as you would in your own home-- or better. Remember, you are all little diplomats of Gemini! The relationships you make here will be the future for both of our packs. I expect all of you to be on your best behavior. I hope you’ll make friends! Explore, have fun! Inaria is a beautiful place.

It seemed reasonable enough to her. She had not been on the previous trip, but she hoped to correct some of their inexperienced blunders-- not checking with every parent… she did not recall any particularly hairy issues with the children, but it was best to be safe. They were, of course, only children. But it was true-- what they started here today would be the future for them, for Gemini, for Inaria. There was one last thing…

Additionally...” she started, stressing the word to draw any diverted attention back to her, “At the start and end of each day, you are to check in with a chaperone. Take note of who they are before you start exploring,” she glanced back to the adults and older siblings that helped corral the group. “Please introduce yourselves so everyone will know your names,” she asked of them, before continuing, “Each of you will be accounted for every evening before bed. If you fail to check in, someone will have to look for you.

She pauses, before adding dryly, “Which will be very embarrassing for you if you decided to just not check in.” Oh, the horror. Oh, being grabbed by the ear and publicly dragged back home. Say it isn’t so.

That was it. It was relaxed, so far as rules went. Be kind. Be respectful. Let people know where you are. Fair, right? At least she hadn’t implemented the dreaded buddy system. Though, she had thought about it…

We’re here,” she said at last, tipping her head back to howl that very same message to Inaria-- they would know soon enough, whether they liked it or not, that Gemini WAS HERE.

This is the Check-In thread for the Inaria puppy party event! Before posting in Inaria you MUST check in here, even if your post is just bullet points!

There are several chaperones this event! You don’t HAVE to do threads checking in with them, but it should be alluded to in your posts-- you can have threads checking in if you want! You can also BREAK THE RULES if you’d like a plot where your character is hunted down by some Angery Adults.

The rest is simple! Be respectful, little diplomats, or don’t! But be warned! If your character starts something, there may very well be consequences! >: D


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  Bloody And Raw, But I Swear It Is Sweet
Posted by: Cancer. - September 22, 2018, 11:21:00 PM - Replies (2)

[Image: cancer_by_bell_cat_4_by_melosaur-dcniuny.png]

It's...High Noon.

Or rather, if it were noon (which it very well may have been) it would have been extremely hard for one to tell if they weren't looking up. The forest in which The Reach inhabited slowly grew thicker and thicker til the forest itself became dense and dark. Were it not for the specks of sunlight that managed to stretch their way down to the forest floor, one would not have known what time of day it was. Even now, as the forest grew ever thicker and damper, a fog rolled in low to the ground, only rising with altitude as it too desperately tried to reach the sunlight that broke through the heavy tree top. There was a quiet about this place, a sort of eerie melancholy that would have made some depressed and others turn back. Yet for one stranger amongst the underbrush, that was a far different story.

Large limbs carried a behemoth through the wood, his head held high and his gait clearly showing the pride that he carried with him. His fur did not match the tone of the setting of the forest; the reds and browns of his coat leaving him completely open and un-camouflaged in his new environment. But he didn't care; no, in fact he wanted to be found. One would not strut so intently with conviction as he did if they did not wish to get the attention of another.

He had found himself leaving the safety of the Fringe for a much more interesting place to call home. The Fringe was, well, it was it's own head of problems, but there was always a safety net for the young wolf. He knew the lay of the land, he knew many of the loners that strayed at the edges of his home in the hopes of joining a pack (which he too knew would never happen for his People were a Proud People* ), and in short- he'd already conquered that land so it was time to move on. It was time, perhaps, to find something a bit...fresher.

The male had found himself circling the Reach for several days before stumbling upon a thicker tree line and he'd had a hunch that perhaps something good, or at the very least interesting would be beyond it. So far his hunch had been proven correct. As he wandered through the fog with his nose high in the air, he could smell the very essence of a pack nearby. His lips curled in to a smile as the scents became stronger and stronger- he was coming in to pack territory. It had been some time since he'd encountered a large gathering of any creature. Excitement bubbled up in his chest as he pressed forward, pausing only to take in the wet air that hung all around him.

Cancer licked his lips and sat down; he was no longer in public territory, and that meant someone was surely on their way to greet him.

I have never known peace
Like the damp grass that yields to me
I have never known hunger
Like these insects that feast on me

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Posted by: visitor - September 20, 2018, 04:56:14 PM - No Replies


Plain old, no bells and whistles, life-as-we-know-it Earth.
Earth as it is and as it always has been--but not as it always will be.

Just as the Earth is not flat, but instead round, the universe is not one, but many.
As time marches ever onward, the evidence against a divided multiverse continues to stack up...if only we could remember.

Where only yesterday we buried shelters for fear of MADness, today we raise shining steel against a dimming sky.
Perhaps tomorrow we'll seed new stars before some prehistoric monster stamps out our last surviving ancestor.

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  All Souls Pass (Read OOC)
Posted by: Sekirei - September 19, 2018, 10:52:06 PM - Replies (12)

(This is the end for Byakko. Please allow Kimster to post first and wait for me to open this for anyone else who wishes to join. Anything italicized is a private mental conversation.)

Sad song to set the mood:

The sun was beginning its ascent, still hidden behind the horizon. A lone figure slowly walked from the dens. Byakko's head hung low, the weight of the world on his back. He was so tired. His ears could hear the rustle of leaves and his nose breathed in the scents of his adopted homeland, finally reclaimed the wilds after it was stolen from Nardir and abandoned by Asylum. He moved like a wraith, his mind empty of all thought, save for one. He wanted to go to the burial mounds. He knew deep in his heart that his time had come. Like any wolf, he had left the den site for the final time without saying a word.

Upon reaching the mounds, he made his way to where Silverstream was buried. Not a moment too soon because the moment he stood next to it, his hips gave out and left him paralyzed. Such was the fate of a wolf his size and age. "Hello, my love." he said in a raspy voice. He lowered his front end down so he was lying on his side and his back was against the mound. He listened to the river flowing nearby, his breathing even. He saw a black shape out of the corner of his eye and looked. For the first time since it started, he could finally see him. Standing about five feet away was a monstrous black wolf with one eye of red and the other blue. He was looking down at Byakko with a neutral expression. The monochrome wolf just took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. So it was true what they said in the old legends. How the Black Wolf came to those who were dying to shepherd them into the Deadlands and then guided them to the Afterworld.

The entity he saw looked ethereal with tendrils of darkness wisping off his body as if he were a ghost. His eyes had a supernatural glow to them, easy to see in the half-light as the sun continued to hide behind the mountains. It reminded the old wolf of how the Fury had made his eyes glow when in its grip. "It ends with me, doesn't it? The curse you set on my ancient ancestor?" he asked. His question was met by a nod but the Black Wolf didn't speak. He merely watched as Byakko shifted his head to look at the river flowing, the wind blowing the boughs of the willow tree above him. Melancholy settled in his spirit and facial expression. He wondered how long it would be before anyone noticed he was missing. Would they even notice in time? It ultimately didn't matter. Byakko was dying where he belonged, in the Old Forest. The place that Lindras sprung up as Nardir's Shadow, as far as his family went. He had lived a good life, in spite of his many regrets and failures. He had his triumphs and his heartaches. He had his memories. 

His eyes shifted back to his spectral companion. "Aylie is the failure of my Clan. One that will forever hang over our heads even when mortals forget. You know this." he sighed. "She is your failure...but not one so great that it will dog your Clan's pawsteps from now to the End. Ayliyra, like all souls who come before me, will face judgment for her successes and missteps. Your failure only extends as far as failing to keep her in line. She alone decided to rebel against authority. Only she can answer for that. Her father, I can assure you, will face justice at my fangs for his role in all this. His failures outweigh yours by a very wide margin and I will make sure he pays a hefty price. He will most certainly try but fail to catch anything faster than a vole in the Hunt when I'm through with him. You'll know him when you see the mangled soul of a wolf enter the Afterworld."the specter said.

Byakko fell quiet. Anything that needed to be said to the Reaper had been said. He felt more at peace knowing what he did now. Then his mind turned onto old regrets. He needed Raka.

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Heart it shouldn't hurt this much to be your angel [acceptance]
Posted by: Bedelia - September 16, 2018, 02:59:50 PM - Replies (1)

Crimson teeth flashed in stark moonlight. A cry rang out and birds fluttered into the sky urgently, escaping a demon. But it was no demon. It was just a child. A child who had just killed one of their brethren. How they managed to do so on their own is a mystery. They were much too young to hunt, but perhaps they were just lucky. The fox kit raised their fangs, blood oozing down their chin as they slurped it down, moaning menacingly at the night sky. Why were they crying? Why were they crying?

They turned to the dead blackbird and ferociously tore into it, ripping feathers and limbs, angrily dismembering it. But they didn't eat. They weren't hungry for flesh. They were hungry for pain. The bird had already given it all up to them in death. There was no more they could take from it. So they moved on, slapping it aside. More. More.

Blood-stained paws dragged the near lifeless demon baby through the woods, a thick mist beginning to linger in the air. The uncertainty of it all brought them comfort. They wanted to stay here forever, shrouded in mist. If only this was their home. If only it had always been their home. They still couldn't stop crying. They were so hungry, so thirsty. The pain felt like it would never end.

With their head lowered to the ground, they stopped in their tracks and began to scrape the earth with their claws. After a minute, they were on their back, cycling their legs in the air as if they were walking upside down. They wanted to see what it was like in a world upside down. They turned their head this way and that, owl-like eyes shining. If anyone were to stumble upon them, they probably wouldn't know what to think. What in god's name was that? What is that baby doing? Why are they still CRYING? It should be put down, no child with this mentality was meant to live. The child would agree.

They heard a rustle nearby, and instantly rose to their feet, baring their teeth and screaming. They turned all around, eyes searching desperately for the source of the noise. They'd scream at them. They'd scream so long and so loud that nothing could stop them. No one would hurt them. No one would ever touch them again. They would take their pain and eat it whole.


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  Stranger in a Strange Land
Posted by: Oksana - September 15, 2018, 04:31:33 PM - Replies (3)

She came from beyond the fringe, far beyond, and long she had wandered alone. By now the gold of her pelt was tarnished by the dust of the road, for the hyena rarely stopped, pressing ever onward. Things such as beauty had long ago ceased to be her first concern. Oksana had seen mountains, and chased after them. She’d seen a break in their armor, the Fringeborn Pass, and like so many before her, passed through. Oksana traveled through the lands ringed by stone and sea, and at last she thought to stop traveling.

Now, there was the scent of wolves hanging low in the air like the fog that rolled off the moat. It was evening, and a red sun hung low in the sky. The air clung to her fur like a ghost’s caress. Beyond the water, she saw the pale flesh of trees where claws had been dug into them, and another flash of ivory— bones. Ribs, picked clean and stark where they poked upwards from dark mud. Oh, what an odd place she had come to.

The water itself stretched on like a river, but sat as still and unmoving as a lake. It seemed purposeful, as though the watery ditch were just yet another border marking, another claim on the land. So the hyena trotted alongside it, her head stretched high in search of crossing. Every border had a gap, a door, a threshold. Soon enough, she found one.

A bridge spanned the curve of the moat, water lapping at its sides in the gentle wind of the evening. Pleased to have found it, the hyena grinned, sharp and quick, and leaned back on her haunches. She would wait, wait for one of the denizens of this odd land. But... she’d hate to wait to long. The hyena whooped, low and meant to carry, to announce her presence. It was the closest she could come to the howl of a wolf saying hello— and it wasn’t very close. Even in this strange land, she herself was strange.

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Heart IN FLORE;an AU Warriors roleplay
Posted by: neversky - September 12, 2018, 02:41:56 PM - No Replies

[Image: UTtIboAS_o.png]

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