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  second chance [kappa - ring ii]
Posted by: Zanna - 4 hours ago - No Replies

[Image: SmDeRQW.gif]

The past few days were an absolute blur – a mess of emotions, memories flooding in, and new beginnings. It wasn’t long before now that she had heard Gray’s call, and the new alphas informed the pack that they’d be moving to the mountains. Away from the warmth of the damp forest, chasing the bitter cold up the mountain range. It was a strange thing, an unfamiliar circumstance that the red girl had a hard time wrapping her groggy mind around. Things were happening so fast, and she found herself repeating the Smile and Nod, Move Along sequence as these situations continued to pop up. The Sabor and Sabora are missing, we are the new alphas: Smile and Nod. We can’t let Saboro take from us anymore, we are moving: Smile and Nod. Pair up and make way to our new home: Smile and Nod.

She couldn’t separate herself from the pack, she couldn’t leave them. This was her home, this was all she knew now. Her days of wandering the Dire Straits were over, and she couldn’t return to those times. She wasn’t fit for that life – she needed a purpose, something to strive for, something to look forward to and work towards. That’s what Saboro offered, all the while giving her a family to support her and challenge her on her way to her goals. She needed that, and she could never give that up. Not even when things were changing so fast and she might be unsure of those changes, not even if she was unsure on whether she was comfortable with what was happening.

Zanna didn’t need to be comfortable. Trust came with time and work. She was going to work for that, she was confident in that.

The move went about as smoothly as it could for her – she managed to make it in one piece, and while she found it difficult to keep up at times, she found herself feeling stronger once they made landing. She did require assistance now and then, and feared being left behind as she stopped for breaks. But she made it, and that was something huge to her. She was proud of herself, even if the others might be feeling like she was useless. She knew she wasn’t. She’d show them.

Arriving to their new home was something she struggled to put into words. It was amazing, and truly beautiful. She’d seen the mountains before, but not from this perspective – not as her home.

The giant rocky structures reached far into the sky, jabbing at the cloudy canvas again with such a gentle strength. They were endless, powerful, and absolutely stunning. They stretched higher than the trees of the forest they once occupied, and their valleys seemed to dip lower than the pits of the marshes. Walking along their crumbling hillside was refreshing, and she felt safe, being surrounded by the geological giants. They encased them, protected them, offered a different kind of solace.

But the mountains were nothing compared to the bodies of water that they held within them. She’d never seen such a crystalline blue, not even the sky on the clearest days were that blue and pure. It was magical – it absolutely took her breath away (and not just because she was tired from walking). There was something that tugged at her to jump in, and yet she did not want to ever disturb the bodies of water – their peacefulness was unearthly, heavenly, Godly. They expelled an aroma that brought her entire being to absolute calmness, her heart rate slowing as she inhaled the sweet, fresh scent that wafted off of the glass-like surface. Fish could even be seen from the shore, swimming smoothly and carelessly about, unafraid and unbothered by their presence.

Zanna was so excited to explore the new territory, so absolutely thrilled to be here. All of her previous worries had vanished from within her, no longer occupying her thoughts and suffocating her. She felt at peace, and she felt excited.

But more than that, she felt tired.

Once they had reached the territory, she took the opportunity to separate herself from the group once the time was right and she was allowed to do so, finding a place to curl up and lay down to sleep. Oh God, she needed to sleep. And sleep, she did.

After a long and satisfying slumber, the red girl awoke to a sudden splash of fear and disorientation – where the hell was she? Panic ensued for a short moment before she remembered that they had moved. The crisp air brought her to her senses, and she took a big breath. Home. She was home – there was nothing to be afraid of.

Rising to her paws, she made way to the crystal-clear pool of water that took up most of their territory, it seemed. Her mouth watered at the thought of drinking such pure water, and she never felt more satisfied in her life when she finally took a long drink. Water this fresh didn’t exist in the forest.

Zanna had to admit – she really liked this place so far. But there was still so many things she needed to do before she could spend her time laying around or discovering her surroundings. First came her health. She needed to build up her strength again, and then she needed to train. She needed her rank back – needed. Looking down at herself, she saw as her skin stretched over her bones, her fur coarse and dull rather than soft and shining. She looked … Bad. She was feeling better, in theory, but she’d have to work to feel as good as she did before falling ill.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me, don’t I…” She muttered to her reflection, frowning slightly at the face that stared back.

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  Bottomless Glasses
Posted by: Alistair - Yesterday, 08:15:17 PM - Replies (1)

And there goes #4...

Sitting alone at the edge of one of Oukoku-Kai's riverbanks, Alistair smoothly and quickly tilted his head back, swallowing a strong-smelling, clear liquid before it had the chance to make a real impact on his taste-buds. As he set his leaf-turned-cup down, he grimaced for the briefest of seconds at the sharpness of the flavor, all while reveling in the warmth it spread through his chest. The first three hadn't done much for him, he was a pretty big guy, but he could start to feel the world around him slowing.. the edges of his mind blurring. Okay. That was it. Last one of the night. He was right where he wanted to be.

It was the point where he wished he had a group of people  to bump elbows and chat with, the point where the  anger in his eyes and shoulders were replaced with something a little closer to contentment, and the point where his father and his mother and his brothers weren't the first things to come to his mind.

Alistair had had 4 drinks a night since he had gotten back to the Valley. He didn't have a problem though. He always stopped at four. He just... needed to take the edge off sometimes.

His first drink--well, his first 12 drinks, actually--was the night of the Great Party. His mother had told him to go out and have fun, but to not to touch any of the mushrooms or drinks being served. Adolescent rebellion had quickly won the war against obedience to a parental unit, and it wasn't long before he was knocking back liquor with some of the other yearlings. A lot of the others had done the mushrooms too, but he didn't dare go for any of those. Life was hard enough with what was already in it, the last thing he wanted was to add hallucinations to the mix. He sure liked how the juice made him feel that night though... even if it had led to him getting hauled back to the family den by a very grumpy Sphinx.

Alistair knew better now. He had found his sweet spot. Here, at four, he could still speak, think, and walk a fairly straight line. Here, at four, he was much better company. The rigidity in his shoulders, furrow in his brows, and the hard-set of his clenched jaw was all erased and replaced by a smile so genuine it almost rivaled the Warden's. Here, at four, he was the best parts of himself... and the world was a much, much better place.

If only he didn't smell like a brewery.

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  Samsara: The Rebirth [PRP: Nhu, Tibet]
Posted by: Indra - Yesterday, 04:20:18 PM - No Replies

[Image: roses_10_trans_by_pinatas-dc00hm9.png]


Indra felt restless and exhausted at the same time.

It felt as though electricity crackled and burned beneath her skin, building up energy until it seemed like all she had to do was open her mouth and scream to feel any sort of relief. Over the last two days a headache had gradually morphed into a splitting migraine, and Indra really wasn't certain whether it was due to: 1. The pressure in the atmosphere as a storm brewed on the horizon; or, 2. The annoyingly endless chattering of gossip amongst the pack (and priests, particularly) about the newly ascended Rosa Chinensis; or even, 3. The sudden disappearance of Rosa Gigantea, the order in which she served.

Mostly she just wanted to curl up and tell everyone else to Kindly fuck off, thank you very much. But that might be a bit counterproductive to her priestly duty of guiding the masses... so off to work she went.

Indra's nose had barely breached the entrance to her den when the first few drops of rain fell. Resigning herself to being soaking wet and cold in addition to having a pounding migraine and a weird case of anxiety, Indra's ears lay flat against her head and she grudgingly stepped outside. The rainy season in the desert wasn't so much of a "rainy season" as it was periods of clear skies that gave way to sudden downpours that were as short as they were intense. The rain increased steadily as she walked, and by the time she was passing the Pitts it was coming down so hard Indra could barely see 20 feet in front of her. The sound of the rain drowned out anything else, and the rumble of thunder sounded like echoes of a thousand screaming voices coming closer and closer.

Indra shook her head, trying to find any sort of relief as her head buzzed and her temple throbbed as the pain of her migraine increased.

This is how I'm going to die, she thought miserably, stumbling in the slick mud. She stood at the edge of the largest fighting pit, white eyes half lidded as she blearily looked across the expanse of what was essentially a hole with raised sides. A figure caught her attention, but in the rain she couldn't make out a damn thing. Was it a rock? Was it someone else idiotic enough to be out in this downpour?

"HELLO?" she shouted, but the sound of her voice was drowned out by the pounding of the rain and the rumble of thunder.

The sky lit up WHITE as lightning struck one of the few trees within eyesight, and Indra screamed as the sudden bright light seared into her eyes. It felt like being stabbed in the brain through her eyes, and Indra choked down a sob as the pain seemed to lance down her spine.

Maybeeeee she should have stayed in her den this morning.

Breathing in for a moment to gather herself, Indra ground her teeth as she turned away from the pits, looking for any sort of shelter to get out of this madness. The rain was already lessening, but she mused to herself that she didn't really want to get stru-

[Image: lightning_2x.gif]

Everything went dark.

OOC: For @Nhu @Tibet Maybe also @Khensa  and @Achilles too, if y'all want to join?

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  Heartache [OPEN]
Posted by: Sincate - Yesterday, 01:10:23 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: sincatetitle_by_lunecy-dbppnb0.png]
And so, they traveled south along the mountains, curving beside each hill until they could no longer see the jungle and it's monstrous volcano. The journey would be long and treacherous, none of them expecting this time to come. The jungle had been their home for generations, but the fog that spilled into their lands had taken loved ones in greed (or so they thought.) Each step felt like agony, for hours, days, weeks they had traveled until finally, they would reach the peaks that dipped into the valley with a sparkling blue lake.

The story written begins while traveling between the destination, picking up anyone along the way, possibly losing a few. Sincate tried to keep everyone in a group, circling like a guard dog with sheep. Lagging behind could mean being left behind, and the Sabora didn't mind. This was their opportunity after all, to leave and never return. It meant they weren't loyal, that they had no place in Saboro.

So be it.

Those who continued or joined them were welcome. Sincate wasn't much of a talker, but they would nod if they seemed friendly enough and interested. They would grant them welcome. Would explain that they were a pack moving to new lands, that they were to start anew. To the mountains — a barrier from the fog, an entity that seemed to swallow bodies and souls.

If any desired to follow, the Sabora would tell them to come.

Help us rebuild Saboro.

✦ ✦ Speech Text ✦ ✦

Mass acceptance!! Anyone can join. Once you post here, you can consider yourself accepted and can post into the new territory. Also please link your character's profile so I can add them to the ranks list! You can also have Sincate say whatever to your character if you want!!
[Image: pixel_potion_bullet_by_suzukimikan-d5eqwb7.png]

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  memories of a secret place
Posted by: Sol Katti - Yesterday, 02:50:24 AM - No Replies


May these words be the first to find your ears
The world is brighter than the sun now that you're here
Though your eyes will need some time to adjust
To the overwhelming light surrounding us

I'll give you everything I have
I'll teach you everything I know
I promise I'll do better

      The first of the flowers were blooming, stretching their petals out beneath the sun as snow and ice retreated. Life was returning to her quiet corner of the forest — the world's chatter bustling in light of new life. It was still quieter out here than Saboro's taunting jungle, and Sol Katti could rarely make out the whispers of the trees and wind here. But the Sovereign knew they were singing, their melody soothing and gentle, devoid of Saboro's cooing malice.

It was just as peaceful as it had been in the winter. Louder, but peaceful nonetheless. 

In the warm dawn light, Sol Katti made her way back to her ancient willow, her small frame slowly dragging a fawn she had caught just as the sun peaked over the horizon. It had been too bold for a prey animal, wandering too far from its mother and safety. Killing her catch had been difficult for the dainty Queen; the task of catching larger game still a struggle for her even after all these months as a nomad. But in the end it had been worth it, and a swell of pride kindled lightly in her chest.

Prowling past her blooming gardens that surrounded the large willow tree, she deposited her catch against knobby roots before slipping into the warm den. Soft snored filled foxlike ears, and a hint of a smile curled at her features. "Wake up." The dappled lady sang in her wind chime voice — which probably didn't really help rouse the slumbering speckled bundles. One by one, Sol Katti would nudge each with her nose. Nipping lightly at ears or cheeks and pressing kisses to heads. "Breakfast is outside. It's a special treat today; a fawn. Better get some before it's all gone..." Her gentle voice lilted into a tease before playfully nipping one of the sleepy children's rump and retreating out of the den back into the cool morning air. 

There, Sol Katti would sit by her willow tree, waiting for the song of children's voices to start her day. In front of her, the flowers of her gardens swayed and danced, their colors blending together. Purples and blues and yellows and whites—

—and red, red poppies, reminding her of a secret place.

[Image: Gs3pnQp.gif]

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  the world ended when you said goodbye [Tatari]
Posted by: Jori - Yesterday, 01:39:35 AM - No Replies

speech ☽☾ thoughts

Her breath left ghostly clouds in her wake. Her coat like crystalline ice, shaking free of her shackles, glass shattering at her feet. Wraith hands clawed her back, twisting wisps of silver smoke shrouding her form. She stared into the faces of those lost in the chaos, broken spirits like puppets dancing just out of reach. Familiar faces lacked light, pitiless souls trapped at the edge of the other realm. Jori frowned at the delusions, though provoking they wrenched apart her good senses.

She pulled free from the depths of the shadows, eyes widening with an echoing silent scream. And as though simply enough, Jori was back within the valley limits. The ghosts bidding her return cast long lingering mist to wrap around her ankles like phantom shackles, she can never escape.  

She was back, but at what cost? Always a creature of routine, and she follows her heart. Tricky heart which has lead her down slippery slopes, quite literally, in a determination to find her love. The officer wanted to find him, just as they'd left off, two monsters craving damnation and salvation all at once. Delicate wolf took small steps out of the encircling maze, and out into the glowing moonlight. She smiled toward the skies, and prayed she found him tonight.

Would luck be on her side?

Might he be wandering the night in search of her, maybe they'd meet under the stars. Her mind raced with smitten fantasies, trivial to some, but important to her. She picked up her pace, asking the night, "excuse me?" her voice shaking from misuse, "but I'm looking for my love," she leveled her tone, and whispered this time. She imagined Tatari as she best remembered, large and domineering, a beast of protection.

She was being stupid; the night couldn't lead her to Tatari.

"We were separated by time, you see, but I'm confident I can find him."

She smiled, and then laughed. Everyone familiar had fallen away, disappeared into the fringe or worse, but she knew he was here. She could sense their connection, though faint and weak, not broken or damaged beyond repair. She just wanted to love him again, and be happy. Let's meet under the stars, and ponder for awhile.  

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  life's not fair or just [rainer]
Posted by: Palace - January 18, 2018, 05:43:55 PM - No Replies

   He had spent his days searching out the territory. Finding out where he would be sleeping, and finding places that were comfortable to relax at. Despite knowing how much he wanted to be apart of a pack, he still sometimes needed times of solitude. Palace had found his anxiety peeking over the past few days. Everything was new to him. There was so much for him to take in. The land was new to him, and so were so many of the faces. Even if some were from the previous Bacchus, that didn’t mean he remembered them. But it was also frightful to have some kind of connection with others, when he couldn’t properly place it. Had he seen these wolves before? The fear of being wrong, or general interaction, made him keep to himself. He had passed by others, giving nods and waving his tail but continuing along with what he was doing.

   But there were still questions he had on his mind. Being here, so many would be able to be answered. There were members who had truly been members of his home, and they could help him. But out of fear, he didn’t seek any he didn’t know out. But there was one wolf he knew - Rainer. The alpha had been apart of the pack, ranked, and knew how everything worked. Palace had been just a pup, and barely remembered anything, but still had the ways set in muscle memory. He had asked to meet the Prime Minister not too far off from the opening of the tunnel that lead to the outside world. They would be close enough to find their way, but no one would hear them speaking from this distance, nor really know they were there unless searched for. It was the main spot Palace knew.

   The bacchus dire waited anxiously, shifting his paws. When the other were to show up, Palace would be on his paws, eyes betraying his nervousness. He’d dip his head politely. “Thank you, for meeting with me. I just, I have questions and you can probably help.” He looked at Rainer, hoping that this wouldn’t piss him off as a waste of time. If the other seemed to be okay with going forward with this, Palace would perk up some. “Can you tell me more about the previous Bacchus? I never got to learn everything properly.” How could he say that he felt robbed of something he thought he should have had? There was no one to truly blame, but he felt like there was someone, or something, he felt the urge to scold or fight for taking the opportunity away from him. But this would do.

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  Acceptance Guidelines
Posted by: Emerald Grove - January 18, 2018, 04:15:16 PM - Replies (2)

written by Tsu, edited by Gothy

Start a new thread and post your character at the borders.  The thread title should have [acceptance], or something like it, in it somewhere; the ring number can go without saying (it's the first ring), but if you put anything in the post that contradicts this (ex. your character waltzes into Saboro without stopping, or you name a landmark from ring 3), they'll be considered to have intruded past the first ring. If you don't mark the acceptance, you will be assumed to be a trespassing loner.

General Rules
      ⇢ Read the rules in the Borderline, especially the rules/geography info.  Especially regarding rings!
      ⇢ Only Sentries and and Royal/Elite ranks are expected to be walking around in Ring I, since the only use of that ring is to move in and out of the pack lands.  Other ranks meandering about may be frowned upon.  Slaves who enter the first ring without permission can be assumed to be attempting an escape (!) and dragged back in and punished appropriately.
      ⇢ Allies are not exempt from ring protocol and may be attacked/punished for intrusion, unless escorted by an official; Saboro is a highly-territorial pack. If they attempt to fight back, they will be treated as enemies.
      ⇢ Sentries should take a thread with an IC post.  Don't post an "I got this, guys" OOC note and never actually get it. But if you really need to claim a thread with an OOC post, just please do reply promptly.  If recruits are left with a sentry who isn't really posting, they're welcome to PM a Saborako (or an alpha), who'll have someone come in and give a final verdict.

When you're finished, post your profile link [here] before roleplaying.


» Can my character know about Saboro prior to acceptance?
Saboro isn't necessarily low-profile; yes, they can.  You may NOT assume your character knows anything about members of Saboro, their customs, their geography, or anything else that could only be discovered from living inside it, without gaining the knowledge ICly.  Basically, general things are okay, impossible specifics are not.

» How many times can I try to be accepted/my acceptance was denied/I had to cancel my acceptance, can I try again?
You can try as many times as you'd like, but a character that is constantly rejected may eventually begin to frustrate sentries... who have the capacity to use ill-fated recruits as target practice.  In addition, border staff have the right to refuse a second chance for a character's acceptance.

» Who has acceptance powers?
1) Sentries, 2) the Saborakos, 3) the Sabora and Sabor.
Under "oh god, we can't even handle this number of acceptances" circumstances:
All of the above + general nobility (the other Elite ranks).

» What species are accepted?
      ⇢ Wolves.
      ⇢ Cats of any sort, though with some prejudice towards them.
      ⇢ Hellhounds.
      ⇢ No "useless" breeds or dog, ex. chihuahua ancestors.
      ⇢ Native taiga animals can just sort of show up inside Saboro as natives.
      ⇢ Other animals probably won't be accepted as actual pack members, but can just sort of...amble around and not get eaten.  And maybe have a snug honorable-mention slot on the rank list.
      ⇢ Disabled or otherwise "weak" characters will be eligible -- with some prejudice -- unless they're hindered by their differences.  If a puppy keeps up through the examination as well as an adult...well, functionally, they might as well be treated the same way.  Non-wolves (or questionable wolves) will most likely be accepted as slaves instead of subordinates.

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Posted by: Calypso - January 18, 2018, 12:43:51 PM - Replies (4)

[Image: bY3dyUB.png]
C a l y p s o,

Woven in the fabric of your tapestry

actions - “speech” - thoughts

Graystone head tilted downwards, the lukewarm water starting its yawning engulf of her snout. The liquid brought new life to her previously dry throat. Icy eyes closed naturally in euphoria. It was sad how such a simple thing became such a grateful pleasure. Had she been traveling that long and hard? Calypso trekked mountain after mountain, perhaps pointlessly, to get here. Where was here? She was following ghosts, blowing in the wind like a feather. She trusted the Lwa spirits to guide her. There was somewhere she was meant to be.

Was she a nomad, or a fugitive? It had been so long, Calypso couldn't tell anymore. Solitude suited her, but there was that egging at the back of her mind wanting more. A sense of belonging she never had. Oh, but she hated people. The only good wolf was a dead one, especially if male. Sacrifices could be easily made if she was important in her own right. Like she once was.

There was a pang of regret. Had Calypso made the wrong choices? She could have been the quiet, pampered wife of some warlord back home; heiress to the Duke. She growled under her breath to keep back a sob. Her father didn't deserve to be remembered. Didn't deserve to have her.

She stared at her reflection silently thereafter, willing her mind to go blank.

ooc Sorry this sucks so much xD First post and all~

forest graphic © m-adking / coding © vixxie's codes

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  Bergentrückung [Gray]
Posted by: Sincate - January 18, 2018, 10:21:52 AM - No Replies

[Image: sincatetitle_by_lunecy-dbppnb0.png]
Paws drummed in the rhythm of their heart, a force that awakened a certain anger that seemed all so familiar. They had been exiled from the family, cast out because they had been too curious and far too forward, questioning their value as Bane took a title that wasn’t his. They had all been greedy, even Sincate as they faced danger, but as a fledgling, were they not fated to become royal? And even if they were not, the tattoos branded under their eyes were ignored, a mere Elite trying to dominate a child much more prestigious than him, but he was too proud to care and Crenate had been too corrupted to correct.

And in the end, their so called ‘father’ killed Enys. Oriana wasn’t there to settle the situation; she had run like a coward in Sincate’s eyes. Now a wing had snatched her crown to place it on his own head and the Sabor didn’t care.

Tradition meant nothing.

The red ignis dire swept across jungle, gliding through the territory as they searched for Nero, or Crenate, or any of the bastards that killed their brother. The ire within burned and scorched like lava that had once spilled over the lip of Mother’s summit, the fledgling harnessing the energy in order to storm into the inner rings and snarl. “COWARDS!!” they screamed, tongue swept over teeth as they shined in the moonlight. A fog had settled over, the temple quiet as they approached. Sincate stormed through, wanting to leave a bloody trail in their wake of all the souls that defied them. Defied the sacred symbols of Saboro — the red tattoo under their eyes.

BANE!! CRENATE!” they roared, walking up the stairs. “NERO!!


Sincate stood on the top step, listening and waiting for the denizens to appear, saliva spilling over teeth. Blue eyes stared expectedly, wide and nearly popping from the fledgling’s skull, but still.




Ears twitched as something moved behind them, blue flashing back along with ivory. The dark made it hard to see, and as Sincate turned, they realized who it was. “Crenate.” Tail stood and lips peeled back in an ugly growl. “You’re not fit to lead this pack any longer, I’m going to challenge you, take your crown and let you bleed out like the pig you are.

And I’m going to enjoy it.  

✦ ✦ Speech Text ✦ ✦

set before the group thread where sincate re-enters the territory.....
[Image: pixel_potion_bullet_by_suzukimikan-d5eqwb7.png]

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