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  Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth]
Posted by: Charley - 4 hours ago - No Replies

[Image: n0HcaK9.png]
K y r a,

Oh don't you dare look back, Just keep your eyes on me
I said you're holding back, She said shut up and dance with me

actions - “speech” - thoughts

The wind of midwinter bit into her fiery red pelt just as the sun sunk under the horizon. She bit her lip, shaking her head, she should have known...

Kyra blinked up at the darkening sky... she had been dozing, floating in the lake after her evening walk around it.

She wasn't going to make it back to the castle, she was floating too far away from the shore... She should have stayed close to her den. She should have known...

Her bi colored eyes were alight in a panic as she looked around for the closest shoreline, breathing through another wave of pain starting from her back and rippling into her thighs. Ahead of her she saw by the light of the rising moon the dotted dens in the clifface of the Castle... much too far away. Behind her though, an island had seemed to rise up from the gathering mists, offering her a respite, only a few strokes away.  It had trees, and fog, and rocky outcroppings. It spelled safety, away from prying eyes... privacy. There was no prepared den though, no soft landing place made just right.  

But Kyra could not wait. She swam the rest to the rocky shore.

She pulled herself out, heavy and soaked, shaking her fur to rid it of the dampness as much as possible, hissing through her teeth as a stronger contraction shook her body from the shaking and from feeling the sudden weight.

The full moon rose higher, larger than it usually was, and illuminated a path carved into the soil a short distance away leading into the mouth of a small cave. Step by gasping step she pulled herself onward into the strangely warm embrace of the rock. It felt very much like it was carved similarly to the dens and passageways of the castle, but it stank of fox.

She didn't care, it was warm and dry and just large enough. It was actually a perfect denning place. She grunted as she collapsed, her body shaking from the chill clinging to her wet fur and the pain of the rippling contractions forcing her body to push. She could barely get a breath in as she braced herself against the wall of the den and screamed as her body threw an epic tantrum she had never felt before.

The moon began to dim as it rose higher into the sky, a hint of red casting over the face of The Mother...

ooc !!!!

Photo © Cedric Verstraete / coding © vixxie's codes / lyrics © Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon

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  [Open] This is the Thunderdome
Posted by: Steliana - 6 hours ago - No Replies

There ain't no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good
       Steliana wasn't winter's biggest fan. It wasn't just because it was cold - thankfully, her wolf blood equipped her with a thick, fluffy pelt - but her duties as a medic made her dislike the season where there was barely any herbs to speak of. She would have to get by with herbs she had meticulously stored in the warmer months, though there was no guarantee that her stores would last through the winter. In addition to that, winter was also full of sickness and prone to other injuries. The wolf-jackal especially hated long winters which seemed like it was the norm in Saboro.

       All the silver medic could do was hope and pray that her herb stores would last through the winter. Her former mentor, the elderly medic taught her that "Most basic plant remedies can be substituted with remedies made from trees". Avalonari was nothing short of a genius and that tip would have served her apprentice well had she been in a place where the more useful trees such as alder, birch, cedar, oak, and poplar were readily available. However, the lands of Saboro had very few of these medicinal trees and while pine did have its uses, it wasn't exactly what was most often needed in times like these. And fir was useless for the most part. There was no shortage of mosses and lichens at least.

       Though this wasn't the reason that the gold-eyed medic decided to leave her pack on this fine evening. There was another reason for her search around the rings.

       The Chemist was nothing if she wasn't ambitious and after having learned about the ranks, she learned of the Alchemist rank that seemed to be a step above that of a Chemist. The rank dealt more with poisons and that was an aspect of botany that the female was no stranger to.

       The slate and cream doctor had a working knowledge of poisons though it was primarily just knowing what not to pick and what to pick. She heard about less-competent healers mixing water hemlock with yarrow and foxglove seeds with poppy seeds and she definitely wanted to avoid that. But other than the basic poisons such as yew berries, nightshade, and the afromention poisons, she wouldn't call herself knowledgeable about poisons.

       But how would she find any in these conditions?

Time: Evening | Date: before MoN stuff | Location
Steliana is looking for plants~ Anyone knowledgeable about poisons want to help her?

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  This Is Gospel [B e l l a m y]
Posted by: Draconyx - 10 hours ago - Replies (1)

d r a c o n y x //

He had been on a spree.

It wouldn't be hard to find him, just follow the trail of animals entrails. His guardian had tried his best to keep the beast contained, but the raw, unwanted rage that bubbled and foamed from his mouth was too much for the one guard to keep away form the others.  The guard thought it best to let the beast out, away form others, and feed it's bloodlust.  It was known that this thing was the child of Queen Serrate and Hawthorne, but the temperament that it had, was not of this world.   The guard let him loose where no one was known to roam, on the white sand beach, which had now been tainted with the deep red color that Draconyx had stolen from the innocent creatures he'd found along the way.  

The guard had left him to do his bidding, to wear himself out before he had to be dragged back to confinement.  Which meant, Draconyx had no supervisor, he had nothing, or no one to hold him back.  He was a monster loose on the outskirts of Gemini, a raging mess of fury and teeth, looking to their next throat to bite, and tear.  Inside, the small boy was curled around himself, whining, wanting the loving touch of a sibling, or the embrace of his mother.  Neither of which he had been able to receive since birth.

Instead, he had almost killed his sibling with a less than loving embrace of teeth and rage.  

Instead he wanted to rip, and shred, and destroy everyone that only wanted to love him.  

He did not know the definition of affection, or an embrace, or of love.  The words and ideas were foreign to him, and they most likely would always be foreign to him. He would never know love, he would never know what kind of healing a hug could give.  What weight an apology and forgiveness could lift from his muscled shoulders.  He would never know these things.  

And so these were replaced with blood.  And rage.  And Anger. And so much hate.  

So he continued to tear, and rip, and leave the trial of carnage behind.


... And filled with fear.

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Posted by: Balder - January 20, 2019, 11:29:49 PM - Replies (1)

[Image: dcra5ga-6a8f4491-5604-4b98-b592-fa7a5670cd67.png]


The night was dark; it was a time for monsters.

But morning would always find itself fast approaching like a knight on a white steed to scare away all that was frightening and full of terror. It would come every day, just the same; a bright sun stretching out over the land and waking up all that lived within the safety of their homes. Of course, that was always pleasant and wonderful, unless you were considered the monster.

It was a hard life for the hellbear as he thundered through the forest, watching sadly as the small woodland creatures took off for safety as he approached them. A weight dropped in to his chest and stomach as the large creature lumbered his way along, the feelings of uncertainty and depression hitting him hard. There was something about Balder that made him stand out from the rest of his clan; a simple defect that left his family reeling. You see, when Balder was born, he was not born looking ursine. No, in fact young child appeared to have more canine features about him than he did bear. His skull had been slightly deformed from those of his siblings, and even as he grew the clan would whisper words about what omen his birth may have brought upon them. It was a sad childhood, to say the least. And so without warning they kicked him out- left him to fend for himself in the wilds of a place that he did not know. Life beyond the fringe and the hellion lairs was a world that Balder was not prepared for. It was darker than normal, and it was scarier than what he had grown up knowing. That wasn't to say that he was angry for his families disapproving nature; no it humbled him to know that even though he was not wanted within his family, they allowed him to live rather than kill him for being what he was: an abomination.

So he walked. And walked. Balder found himself embracing his life and freedoms, enjoying it all as much as he could while the sun was up. He would stop here and there, sniffing flowers and picking them before wandering on to a different patch and continuing. He'd tangle some in his thick fur around his neck and wear them as an accessory when he felt like good days were coming for him. When he didn't feel good, he'd remove them and press them in to the mud in the hopes that perhaps he could preserve some of the dying beauty that clung to the flora of wherever he happened to be.

Today though, the large male found himself sitting in the early morning sunlight, basking in its warmth as he looked around the flower covered field that he'd happened to have stumbled upon. He gave a soft huff as he looked down to all the flowers and gave the smallest of smiles before falling face first in to them and rolling around. The night had not been so scary this time, and though Balder couldn't quite put a finger on it- he was certain today was going to be a great day, even if it meant rolling in a field of flowers.

And if the night is burning
I will cover my eyes
For if the dark returns then
My brothers will die

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  Hunters Moon [Lev]
Posted by: Corrosion - January 20, 2019, 11:23:14 PM - No Replies

c o r r o s i o n //

Waves broke onto the shore, sea salt droplets sprayed onto the coat of the shaggy, monotoned wolf, gazing longingly at the setting sun on the horizon.  The hues of yellow, and red, and burning orange contrasted the deep blue and white of the churning sea.  For a moment, everything seemed peaceful.  For a moment, everything seemed fine, for a moment everyone was happy, including the Vanguard himself.  

But it only lasted a moment.  

Flashes of lighting, and rumbles of thunder in the distance brought Corrosion back to the present.  To the fact that his newfound "family" were struggling to cope that Zeke was, in fact, not coming back.  And Zehava was having more trouble with that fact than anything else.  Corrosion wanted to do what was best for them, what he could for them, but what were those things? What could he offer them, that they could possibly need from a complete stranger?  What did a family lacking a father need?  The questions ran through his mind, and he had come up with nothing, no definitive answers to his questions.  It was frustrating.  He sat, staring out at the horizon until the sun set, the storm rolled through, and still he remained unmoved.  The wind and rain pounded into him, but they did not affect him.  His thick coat protected him from those elements, and he sat in the same position until the sun rose again the next morning.  

The reds, and oranges from last night, were met with pinks and yellows with the rising of the sun.  The skies had cleared, and it seemed to be developing into a beautiful day, as far as weather goes.  However, as beautiful as the weather was, the storm was still brewing in Corrosions mind.  His tail thumped methodically behind him, set to the beat of the crashing waves, until one rogue wave caught him off guard, and washed up to his paws.  He looked down to see the water carefully recede back into the ocean, and the sand move with the current.  He narrowed his eyes, and a thought made his next breath hitch in his throat.  

No.  He couldn't.  He couldn't ask her, it would be too personal, too emotional, too much.  He shook his head, what was he thinking? He couldn't go to her, not after everything he'd done to her, he couldn't ask her for help.  He'd almost killed her- and though she said she'd forgiven him, he still had not forgiven himself.  He had distanced himself from her, and her new children.  He couldn't bear to see the kids he almost took away.  Besides, she was still in her own realm of grieving.  Her mate, Tauro had been taken from her, how would she take it if he asked her what fatherless children needed?  How- barbaric! How. . disgusting, and thoughtless!  Bile turned his stomach, how could he even think to want to ask Lev these questions?  

"Oh Lev, I'm so sorry I even thought of this.."  He whispered quietly to the wind, to no one, to the skies.  

He really was despicable.  

Wind blowing his fur in different directions, he sighed, knowing he would never get the answers he was looking for.

However, he did not know that sitting there on the beach, as quietly as he was would attract attention.  Perhaps, the prayers he whispered into the wind were going to be answered.  

Even if he did not like the way they were delivered.  


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  i will not return as a tourist // falco
Posted by: Sveyn - January 20, 2019, 10:32:01 PM - No Replies

s v e y n

He was surprised to have woken up, he swore he was dead.

After falling during the attack, Sveyn figured he must have been out for a day at least. His head throbbed and the entire length of his body ached; his stomach hollow with hunger. He managed with the little energy he still had, remembering the soreness in his back leg gifted from one of his attackers, Sveyn was careful not to put any pressure onto this one. She must have broken it. There were very few times that he had foul thoughts of others, but this was one time he'd forgotten his manners. He blinked several times to adjust to the dim lighting within the caves he assumed he was dragged to, blood and dust still hugging tight against his white fur. Stains he was desperate to remove. It was too soon a reminder of his failure to save himself.

At least he managed to save Reath.

"Wide awake, beasty?"

Sveyn's eyes darted towards the opening of the cave, where large bones or antlers of some sort divided him from the source of the voice. He didn't respond, but instead limped towards the opening to get a better idea of his whereabouts. How had they gotten him in here? How would he get out?

"Hungry? Boss asked me to feed ya."

The guard threw him a small slab of meat. His instincts told him to devour it, but his pride slapped the meat back through the opening. A beady glare shot towards the guard. "I don't want that, I want your boss." Between clenched teeth he spat, as close to the guard as the barrier would allow.

The Alteronian clicked their tongue, pacing back and forth menacingly in front of Sveyn. "Patience, Beasty. Boss'll be here soon and you've got nothing but time."

o o c

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  What a Lovely Day for a Swim! [Open]
Posted by: Cyb - January 20, 2019, 05:05:50 PM - Replies (6)

The sky above Gemini was a melted mixture of blue and white, winter clouds hazy from the light of a high sun. The seabirds shrieked and called as they circled on the ocean's breeze, arguing about where might be their next meal. The world's water itself even seemed inviting – gentle waves, cold and steady, with the occasional spray against the rocks. The shoreline was full of little aquatic creatures going about their lives, even in the chilly breeze.

How peaceful.

“Goodbye! Thank you for the help!”

If anyone had chanced to be looking in the direction of the sound, they were in for a peculiar sight. In the water that lapped the shore had appeared a stout figure, bouncing slightly, and a distance out in the waves was the wake of a great and dark mass. Some sand was newly visible in the shallows - the lip of a few smooth mounds pushed up and aside.

“Thank you!” a warbly voice continued to call as the shadowy thing slipped fully below the surface far away with a loud sigh.

“Goodbye! Goodb-Hooooo-oo, oh dear,” And suddenly she was out of breath. Happily she heaved herself inland, trundled to-and-fro, bobbing left-and-right in a steadily unsteady gait before dropping her rump into dry sand, her front end sliding down right after.

She was drenched, salt water straight up to her sides and soaking her face, and it was almost as if the wet had washed away the color in her pelt. Her face and limbs were marked with grizzled fur turned wiry gray-and-white on the undersides from ankles to elbows, from snout to eyebrows (if there had been any eyebrows to see). Even the fur in her ears was dripping and decidedly aged. The rest of her coat, shaggy and love-worn like a child's doll, was divided: an earthy brown on the fronts of her legs, chest and belly; a blend of metallic grays on her back, her head, and her tail. All of this splendor was made easy to see by her mass – even standing a bit short she could not be described as anything but “portly” - stocky legs were well-worn pillars made for holding up a widened middle that was saddled on each side by a comfortable pouch of chub. The thickness of her neck and head seemed to imply that half of her parentage might have been by way of a confused bear. No such shenanigans, here, though! Drying-off and delighted, it was clear by scent and by shape that she was merely a broad-set timber wolf.

“Well now,” she asked breathlessly to to the scuttling crabs, her bright-but-filmy eyes taking in the impression of idyllic as she regained her strength, “where did my old friend leave me off in this time, eh?”

this entrance is Alpha Rip approved from like 800 years ago I just didn't get around to posting this until NOW]

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  wanna bewitch you in the moonlight [Viribus]
Posted by: Aurra - January 20, 2019, 04:57:47 PM - No Replies

A u r r a

#8D38C9 * profile

The snow gently undulated down to the barren soil below, blanketing the dead in a wintery tomb. It won't be long until the call of life-giving Spring breathes animation back into the dormant foliage, but until then, all entities were at the mercy of Winter's adversity.

Just the way she liked it.

A young woman lay atop a boulder, splayed out as she basked in what little moonlight seeped through the cloudy skies. She wrapped her tail over her hind legs as she crossed her forepaws, snow-white hair falling gracefully over her face as she laid her head to rest on her paws. Each leg bore a remnant of a creature long past. Rib bones wrapped around her legs, tied and held in place by thin vines. The top of a doe's skull lay next to her head, a makeshift mask that she enjoyed putting on parade in honor of her father's teachings.

It was very much apparent that the young woman was completely at ease here, especially during this time of year. It was her father's season, after all. Both her parents represented the harbingers of death; Anduril as Autumn and Damascus as Winter. Aurra took great pride in her parents' alignments, even though she hardly saw them anymore. After Elysium disbanded, she stuck with her parents for a time until she felt the pull of independence. Aurra was a year old now, and she couldn't be more content with her life thus far.

But she had to admit, she did miss company at times.

Some days, Aurra hid away from the world, not wishing to be bothered by petty nuisances that were trying to scrounge for any scrap of survival. Other days, she found entertainment in such afflictions as the waywards fought a hopeless battle against Death. Imbeciles. No one escapes Death, but it was fun to see them try.

However, those moments weren't the same as the moments she spent with her family. It was a big change to go from being in a pack to being a loner with no one to scratch your back when the going gets tough.

But that was neither here nor there. It did not do to dwell on such things. Aurra had claimed her independence and she would stick by that. If the perfect opportunity arose where she could join another pack, perhaps she'd take it...but for now, she was perfectly happy being the mysterious, creepy witch-like entity that wandered these woods.

Perhaps a lucky soul would happen upon her basking in the moonlight on this eerie night.


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  NOVUS: A contemporary fantasy equine RPG
Posted by: Firefly - January 20, 2019, 03:51:09 PM - No Replies

[Image: _neverrmind__medium_text_logo_by_inkbone-dbd7hko.png]

Novus is a welcoming fantasy equine forum RPG with an emphasis on leisure, creativity, and inclusivity. We cater to the mature working artist, and thus have very relaxed rules: few activity checks, generous liberties with character designs (bar a few requirements), and no minimum word requirement! We strive to provide a pleasantly fun environment that is ever-expanding and as intriguing as the vast equines that inhabit it.

As of JUNE 2018, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary!
↞ A Site Wide Plot has just begun! - - Post in this thread to get 500 free signos! ↠
▶ very friendly community with active and involved staff members.
▶ welcoming environment with a zero tolerance policy on drama.
▶ few activity requirements for mature members managing hectic lives.
▶ no minimum word count or limit on number of characters.
▶ fantasy character designs that lean toward realism.
▶ ability to earn magic and animal companions.
▶ site wide plots and random events to drive interaction.
▶ fluid plotlines with opportunities to obtain powerful positions.


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  nothing is ever the same
Posted by: ifyla - January 20, 2019, 01:19:23 AM - Replies (1)

   As much as she enjoyed autumn, she did not enjoy winter. It was far too cold for the little wolf, the fields she often wandered barren of the rabbits she usually hunted. The autumn colors had departed, submitting to rot and decay, much to her displeasure. Winter was too quiet and too lonely, without the business of summer or the gentleness of autumn. It was too cruel and too lifeless, stripping the lands of what they had to offer and leaving a barren skeleton in its embrace.

   Admittedly, there was something intriguing the emptiness. There was something to be said about the lack of life and sound and movement. While there was beauty in presence, there was beauty in absence as well. At times, the wolf paused in all her movements to stand as still as the world around her, to take a pause and simply exist without having to deal with all the troubles that came with it. And then she would resume her movements again, causing the world to stir once again

   So, while Ifyla found winter to be a source of displeasure, she would happily admit that not all of it was bad. But the small pieces of good could not excuse the hunger pains and biting cold. While there were things she liked about winter, she didn't like it as a whole. The beauty was not worth all the suffering.

   When she had emerged from a poorly made den to a world blanketed in white, however, she had been stunned. She had only recently witnessed the true beauty of autumn and now, staring at white flakes falling from a cloudy sky, she was viewing yet another marvel. Snowflakes caught in the thick ruff of fur around her neck, decorating her coat and facial features as some fell on her nose and began to melt. Not once in her life had she seen snow, never having beheld the gentle tumble of fat, white flakes as they covered the world around her in peaceful tranquility.

   However, her immediate thought subsequent to those expressing her awe was, This is going to be hell.

   The snow was halfway up her leg and it was far too cold for her. She was used to moderate heat, not near-extreme cold. Only the fur around her neck was thick, not nearly thick enough to ward off all the cold. But that didn't matter when she thought of her stomach, empty for how many days now? Four, if she recalled correctly. Whining to herself, the small wolf started off into the snow drifts in a search for food.

   While it was not hard to catch the scent of a hare when it stood out strongly against the scent of snow (which was basically nonexistent), it was hard to track it. The snow was not falling too heavily, but just enough to hide the tracks of the hare from Ifyla's sight. She would have to rely on smell alone and, unfortunately, her nose was beginning to pinken and freeze. The snow hindered her progress and made her much louder than usual because she just needed something else to make her life harder. Really, she was just begging for it at this point.

   Eventually, however, she spotted too black-tipped ears sticking out from what she thought was a lump of snow. She learned otherwise, however, when her golden eyes met beady black ones, the snow hare startling before scrambling to get away. "No!" she cried, leaping into action as she tried to bound through the snow to catch up to the rabbit, struggling through the snow and cursing all manner of deities as she lost the hare. She stumbled and fell face-first into the drifts, her yelling muffled before she pushed herself up, snow covering her reddish features as she crowed profanity at the sky, her insults falling upon the deaf ears of false gods and the poor ears of nearby listeners.

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