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Posted by: bagregorasmaarlyay4816 - 3 hours ago - No Replies

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  hey look ma, i made it
Posted by: Bintang - Yesterday, 07:10:29 PM - No Replies

[Image: VpOhBfJ.png]

    When everyone had gone to claim the borders, or whatever it was they were doing, Bintang had take the time to sleep. During the travel with Aylie, the girl killing herself and him to make it back to Nardir in some record time, he had torn up his paws, and had been licking at them since arriving. Kastra barely knew any herbs, and Bintang wasn’t going to go to anyone for help. But the prince had pointed towards some herb, not by name but by color and appearance. It had been a few days and his paws were already going back to normal, with the only pain coming from when he stepped on a pebble wrong and it went into an almost fully healed cut (granted, it probably would have hurt even if his paws were okay, but he would never admit that). He had spent his time in the pack den site, not allowed to sleep elsewhere just like everyone else. Soon they would all be going to their own area, but for now they were stuck and Bintang felt himself growing irate with the closeness of it all.

    As the sun rose he was quick to his paws, leaving the common site to go out on his own. If there had been anyone going to continue their little border game, or just in general leaving the den site, he would barely even look at them, lickin his lips slightly from hunger, and also just to keep his annoyance from showing. He went directly to some river, which he had heard it being named after some former member of Nardir that had died, in his mind it screamed that there was nothing for his father who had died for their king. But his father had not been apart of this land, he figured. He didn’t care as much, though. It was something petty inside him. The tiger took quick sips of the water, and started to move along. He wasn’t sure if there was a limit as to where he could go, not having really been spoken to, and not having heard anything. The tiger just kept walking, until he was in a field.

    He was not assigned hunter, and wondered if that meant he wasn’t really allowed to hunt. There had been food in the past few days, but there was still hunger gnawing at his stomach. What appeared to be a small herd of deer were off in the distance, not having picked up his scent. Bintang laid on the ground, the grass sprouting around him as his purple eyes stayed on the prey. But he made no movement, not going after them. The last thing he wanted was to get in trouble. Not because he would be in trouble, but because he would be scolded by a dog (wolf, but they were all the same to him). He was still working on feeling like he was one of them. So he laid his head down on his paws, eyes barely able to see the tops of the deer’s heads. If they didn’t move in an hour or so, he felt like he was probably going to take them down.

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  Raenir | Semi-Realistic Wolf RP
Posted by: Guestikins - Yesterday, 06:58:30 PM - No Replies

a semi-realistic wolf rpg
stat & health point system
no word count
member driven plot

[Image: 5vzJ0Ja.png]

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  Savagery | A Fantasy Wolf RP
Posted by: Kosm - Yesterday, 03:14:48 AM - No Replies

[Image: dluogER.png]

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  until it ran blood [tesora]
Posted by: Toth - July 17, 2018, 08:03:56 PM - Replies (1)


[Image: f2u_divider___flowers_by_danisaesthetics-dc9jq1n.png]

[Image: black_planchette_by_lacrimon-dat6v8k.png]

The day had begun as any other, with the witch raking her coals and starting up the little fire in her hovel. If the superiors knew of the fire she possessed they'd rip her apart, haha. Her little home was once a secret (it still sorta was, if you knew who to ask), making a name for herself around the lesser folks for being a witch that could perform miracles. What they failed to ever tack on was how steep the price was.

The pale woman's hovel was covered from inside and outside in herbs, rare little finds, trinkets of bone and sea shells. Even now she was grinding some herbs up and placing them in an old clay pot she had found. "Witch, Miss.. Please." Came a soft voice at her doors, and she turned her head a smile curling up that slender face. Greeting the female and allowing her to come inside as she spun her tale about the puppy that she held in his jaws, it was small and very much dead though it hadn't been for very long.

"I know what to do to save him, but... for a price." The mother blubbered on about not having much, but offered strange trinkets, Toth shook her head however, clearly not interested. "Those won't do, but.. this, this will do nicely." There was a high pitched shriek, as the pale woman skillfully and rather quickly plucked an eye from the's head. Working quickly to cauterize and bandage the corpse. Into the pot the eye went with an audible small splash, the mother sobbed and cried. The knife continued to work

She worked quickly, efficiently and finally poured the concoction from the pot into a small bowl, opening the corpse's mouth and tapping lightly on its chest and throat as the liquid poured in.  Those 10 minutes seemed like an eternity until, the body shook and jolt forward with life hacking and coughing with the little voice of a tiny baby. The first cries of life once more echoing from it's small form, the mother rushed to him endless 'thank yous' pouring from her as she shakenly picked up her pup and carried him out.

Toth followed, making sure the coals from the fire were dying down as the sunlight greeted her, bright and unwelcoming. Blue and golden eyes catching sight of a figure and her lips curled into that same sweet smile. "Let me guess, you want something to? Your fortune read?"

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  ZapdosZulu, pokemon RPG
Posted by: Tarlar - July 17, 2018, 06:10:31 PM - No Replies

[Image: ZuluAd.jpg]

Hi, I'm Tarlar.

Enter a familiar world where old is new once more. Where every man, woman, and child dreams of glory and where Legends and Myths collide. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Starting in Johto with one of our three starters...
[Image: GlowyStarters.png]
Do you have what it takes to reach to the pinnacle of Elitedom?

We are a Heart Gold/Soul Silver Pokémon RP based heavily on the games, but you do not need to have played them to enjoy ZapdosZulu! We have comprehensive guides, our own original quest lines, adjusted wild encounters on every route for an array of Pokémon to catch early on, and a wonderfully supportive, open, and friendly community from many corners of the world!

[Image: Pokeball_Bullet.png] A simple and player-friendly battle system! You only worry about the RP, Mods handle all of the numbers.

[Image: Pokeball_Bullet.png] Trainer Shops and Bases! Enjoy your own private Treasure Hunts, even grow your own berries!

[Image: Pokeball_Bullet.png] Includes Pokémon from all Gens! Plenty of event giveaways and breeding or trading opportunities to collect all your favorites.

[Image: Pokeball_Bullet.png] Generate extra income for your character by offering your services or selling items through your personalized store. Or, have fun gambling in our various casino games. Slot machines, roulette, high/low even connect 4! 

[Image: Pokeball_Bullet.png] Gogoat races are held at the end of every month! Lottery draws & Buena Password games are also available.

[Image: Pokeball_Bullet.png] Become a member of the nefarious Team Rocket, complete with exclusive missions and goodies! Or tryout for the International Police Force!

We're at 11 Years and Still Going Strong!

If you mention me as your recruiter, you will get a Gardener Pikachu!
[Image: 025-_Gardener.png]

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  alas, poor yorick!
Posted by: seir - July 16, 2018, 10:56:19 PM - No Replies

                                                                     Ash is a peculiar feeling on their paws - soft, like a newborns fur, and finer than any powder or dust. It clings to them like a memory and they can taste copper in the back of their throat like phlegm they just can’t cough out. The dead field expands far out past what they can see, but they know the extent of it. They remember. The war was not so long ago, and they were there, after all. They lived through it - not everyone did.

Nothing grows here. Not yet. In time, the forest will regrow, grass will sprout from the renewed soil and trees spring up into the sky. Time will heal what war had wrought, but til then it was this - barren and desolate.

The dead bodies gave it some color, at least.

Seir gingerly stepped over a (mostly) decomposed corpse, wincing when a stray tooth caught between their paw pads. They sat back on their haunches to work it out, flicking out the tooth with an unimpressed glare at the skull. It was mostly clean, only some too-tough meat still clinging to parts, and Seir absently picked the head up, twisting it this way and that.

“Oh young folk,” they recite with a sardonic note, “if you fear death, die now! Having died once, you won’t die again.” They click their teeth and the head bobs agreeably like a good little hand puppet. Then they toss it back over their shoulder and keep on.

It isn’t who they are looking for. Seir didn't think that they would find her - after all, she seemed the type that would only be found if she wished to be. And they were not so close that she might wish to be found by them. But the thought that she might actually be dead irked them some, enough to irritate, so they searched the bones in the ashes for clues. They hadn't found anything yet, and if it brought something resembling relief to them they didn't acknowledge it.

So they kept looking. If each canine skull stretched the smallest of grins across their maw the slightest of centimeters, no one was there to comment. Not that they could hear.

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  Waiting in the wings {PRP Anglachel}
Posted by: .Birch. - July 16, 2018, 07:57:43 AM - No Replies

[Image: cS943ut.jpg]
It was early dawn when a pair of sleep crusted eyes fluttered open to greet the darkness of his family den. The teen yawned widely, feeling his muscles stretch to accommodate the action, as his body worked to get the dire wolf into a more alert state of mind. All around him lay sprawled out in various poses were his siblings. Felixes being the most unique out of the lot. After a few minutes of staring into space, not really focusing on anything, the child turned his gaze to the mouth of the den. He could make out the grass at the dens entrance and the outline of the various trees that populated Inarias landscape and peeking through the spaces of their canopies was the soft blue hue that came with the rising of the morning sun. It must have been early  since no one else was awake. Even father laid motionless in his spot asleep where he normally would have been gone. A soft smile lit up his face as he realized that he would be able to sneak out and avoid most of his packmates. Birch did not dislike or fear any of his fellow Inarians, quite the opposite, he was just so self concious of his own shortcomings when around them that he just couldn't even attempt a simple 'how are you' because he feared the possibility of someone seeing them too. After all they were so much more than he was. 

Carefully shifting out of Gavins hold, while struggling to remember how they managed to fall sleep while in such an uncomfortable position, Birch headed out to begin his journey but not before whispering a soft 'good morning' to his sleeping family as he started off towards his destination. The young dire didn't know if anyone was aware of his attempts at learning about herbs and their healing properties, since he tried his hardest to stay out of the spotlight, but he had been picking up on bits and pieces of knowledge that he had managed to overhear from the healers.

Father had been stressing over Felixes desire to become a soldier so much so that it made Birch want to avoid adding more problems onto his plate. Not to mention that he couldn't stand the thought of causing another person pain. Which rendered the very idea of him seeking the rank null and void. Plus he was rather scrawny, built more for running than fighting, and was easily scared. When it came to fight or flight Birch would always choose flight. The Inarian was weak simple and plain. However he loved the idea of healing his loved ones, whether it be from illness or injury, the idea that he could take away their pain and cure them from sickness drove him to learn more about the medical arts. The healers were impressive with their knowledge and understanding about the bodies physic and the multiple properties, and uses, of medicinal herbs that they left the innocent dire breathless in awe. So he would listen in on their conversations when he was able, minding to keep his distance as to avoid detection, and had grown to idolize them. 

Tan paws glided effortlessly over Inarias forest floor, disturbing the dew drops that clung to the grass as his paws brushed across them, leaving his toes chilled and wet while he soaked in the serene nature that surrounded him, the sounds of crickets singing echoing in the stillness and the feel of the cool morning air filling him with a peace that he could not explain. He loved mornings like this. When he was alone and way from the loud noises of his packmates and their hustle and bustle routines. Out here he could focus and enjoy doing what he secretly loved. Tending to his garden. A hobby he had learned from watching his father plant seedlings of Inarias famous purple trees. However Birches garden contained common herbs for healing. Thanks to ghosting Inarias healers he had learned which plants were used to disinfect cuts and to ease symptoms of nausea. He was always hungry to learn more but he would no doubt just end up messing up and making a fool of himself...he was a bit clumsy. Sighing in dejection the dires golden eyes glanced at the vibrant foliage surrounding him but he did a double take when he noticed a familiar figure. Curiosity getting the better of the cautious teen the dire made his way closer to them. Keeping in mind to make as little noise as possible so that he wouldn't  catch their attention and waited behind the trunk of a blooming tree as he strained to hear the knowledge that awaited him today.

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  [Acceptance] Maybe all of this is simply amusing
Posted by: Gerar - July 15, 2018, 05:59:23 PM - No Replies

(mood music: )

Fires. Earthquakes. Heartbreak. Gerar forgot what order it all happened in now. All he knew was that he'd lost so much and the pain was too real. Harlem had disappeared and even though he knew she wasn't his anymore he still needed to know where she was, if she was safe. 

He'd slipped away from Tortuga in all the commotion and went looking for her, and any of the kids that might be out there. In the end he'd spent a lot of time wandering around in circles with no leads and no hope. The lonliness set in and he longed for familiar faces, family or no. He'd even wondered where his mother might be.. if she were still alive, or any of his siblings. If he knew where to look he might have gone to her (he didn't know why..)

In the end he found his way back to home. Home wasn't where it used to be.. But home is where your loved ones are, and if you haven't any loved ones then old aquaintences are the next best thing. Home was Tortuga, where ever they landed. Wrayth would be there, some how he was the one constant thing in his life, and Gerar's pace picked up a little at the thought of fishing again with his old friend.

He still disliked the sea, and he snorted in derision (or fear) when he saw the island so far away from shore and the bridge that connected it to the safe part of the world he was standing on. Every crash of the waves against land made his heart swell, he didn't like the feeling. There was no turning back now though, not after he was so close.

He howled deep and long, hoping any of them would hear it, the ones he was here for. Wrayth. Eremiel. Niklaus. Tyche. Pandora... He shouldn't hope to see Harlem and Quiver again, but he couldn't help hoping a little bit, now that he was here. He would be happy to see anyone familiar.

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Question Wandering The Neutrals
Posted by: Shad - July 15, 2018, 04:25:26 PM - Replies (2)

[Image: Untitled113.png]

Shad stretched her long, thin, spindly legs in the Neutral lands. She was wandering around. Not quite sure where she may go. Not being in a pack sure had its upsides. But the downside was that if she were to fight someone, it would have to be alone. Then again, she had not minded fighting and even relished the taste of blood on her tongue. But this place was not an area of death, nor fighting. At least, not that she had seen. 

She wandered for a few more moments before realizing that she had no general direction of where to go. She always traveled like that, with no general direction. It was hard to not want to go nowhere but somewhere at the same time. She took a moment to sit, her red eyes tingling at the sight of the trees and shrubs of the area. she took one of her gazelle like legs and sat it in the dirt, drawing a little picture of something, it was not intelegable, so it really had meant nothing to her. He watched the area quietly through red eyes. 

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