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  A quiet place [open]
Posted by: Ayliyra - April 24, 2018, 06:57:50 PM - No Replies

There were so many scents to take in and try and make sense of. She hadn't detected scents of anyone she knew but then her access to these lands was..rather limited. Not that that was exactly or entirely new but it still bothered her, still made her wonder if this pack was maybe hiding something..unpleasant within its borders. She would have to be careful, very careful, if she were going to find out though. For now she would sit..or maybe she should lay down instead? She didn't want to look like she was patrolling or anything like that as that would make them suspicious and likely to ask questions that she might have a rather difficult time explaining. Sure she could say if asked that she was more used to roaming than staying in one spot but even that could only go so far as an explanation and she had already done some exploring. She sighed internally. She wasn't fond of the waiting that came with these endeavors but it seemed the time had come for precisely that. Waiting.

Which meant back to her original though of sitting or laying down somewhere. She would have to pick carefully though. She wanted somewhere out of the way where she could think and concentrate without drawing too much attention but at the same time she didn't want to seem as if she were trying to hide either as that would almost certainly raise questions just as constantly going back and forth would. She had passed a few potential spots earlier so she would head back towards them and hope one of them was available.

It didn't take long for her to locate the first location and luckily enough it was empty and held no scents to indicate it was claimed. Good. She didn't want to cause any upset being a visitor here by taking someone else's sleeping spot. She slid under the shaded spot and then after a bit of shifting to find a position that suited her, allowing her to be able to keep watch and scent for anyone without much chance of being snuck up on from behind, she gingerly laid down to rest and to think. And also to wait. Who knew what or whom she might need to be prepared for next.

((so this is being liquid timed to when Aylie was here and visiting))

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  Abstract Reality
Posted by: 000 - April 22, 2018, 05:46:51 PM - Replies (2)

Forum Name and Link: Abstract Reality
Type of RPG: multi genre
Your Button and Code:

<a href="" title="ABSTRACT REALITY | an original rp" alt="ABSTRACT REALITY | an original rp" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
How Many Active Members Do You Have?: around 15
Is Our Button Visible? Where is it located?: static spot in footer, visible on every page

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  All In Your Head (Ashe)
Posted by: Eli - April 22, 2018, 04:07:37 PM - No Replies

He's back!

Let me see!

It's my turn!


Eli woke with a gasp. Eyes took time to adjust to his dark, dank chamber. The stone and dirt hovel tucked under the crumbling castle had been his hideaway for most of the winter.  it was cold, for unlike the reptiles that buried themselves during the snowy weather the dog was conscious to the frost. The occasional rats and worms that could be found in the tunnel were less than sufficient so the dog was sometimes forced to venture out to hunt. While food in the stomach was nice the ventures out of the hole broke his concentration. When days and nights were haunted by voices and visions, keeping them at bay took willpower. And it seemed that willpower was growing every day. When Eli agreed to follow the strange human to a new land filled with wolves and hellions he thought the biggest obstacle he would have to face is learning to live with such a strange pack. Never did he think it would be the spirits that would make adjusting to Gemini such a trial. Not that he was convinced that's what they were.

Paws squelched in the mud as the dog cautiously emerged. Short coat clung to his skeletal frame, obvious testament it was far past time for a proper hunt. Eli paused as he took in his surroundings. Be it spirits or (as he sometimes suspected) a newly discovered defect in his brain, there was nothing but the soft din of spring noises coming from the woods. A tired smile crossed his face. Finally, a little bit of peace.

Golden eyes looked up to the blue sky and he sighed contently. Nights would still be chill for a while but Eii was comforted to know he wouldn't be constantly shivering. A creek fed by a spring was not far from here, and in his last few visits he found it ice free. The dog drank, tail wagging as he quenched his thirst. But one ear swiveled around as he lifted his head. Someone was behind him. Eli stood still for a moment, gauging to see if he felt that pressure, that presence in his mind. Nothing seemed to be reaching out, this was legitimate...hopefully. The dog hopped around to face the stranger, hoping it was a friendly one. He may have been staring, Eli noticed to late, but nowadays it was hard to believe exactly what his eyes saw.

"Hello. Uh," clumsily he lifted a front paw, trying to balance on two and motioned to the water, "Care for a drink?"

Spirits didn't need water. He presented a simple test.

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  Pray For The Wicked
Posted by: Marco - April 22, 2018, 02:12:00 PM - No Replies

[Image: Christmas_Island_banner.jpg]

Heavy footsteps fell upon the soft earth, the sand shifting slightly under the weight of the Fringe.  His head hung low, close to the grounds paws dragged through the sand.  He did not know how long he'd travelled through the desert, all he knew was that he'd make it out alive.  He refused to die, his rage and spite fueled him to move on, to place one tired foot after another in front of each other and walk, to move, to live.  

They had taken everything from him, they had stolen his very heart and soul right from under him as he lived and breathed, they had slaughtered the only thing that brought him hope in this world, and he had the chance to rectify it, and had failed.  While succumbed to the fury, he could not even remember if he had been able to slaughter any of his captors, of those murderers, those thieves.  Dry,  lips pulled back into a snarl as he remembered, only driving him further into survival mode, the need to spite them, to deny them their fantasy of his corpse lying in the desert heat, picked at by scavenging vultures, inflamed him to continue on.  Still, the rage he felt would not supply him with what he needed to live, if he could not find water or food soon, that fantasy would soon become reality.  

Days seemingly turned to weeks before the smell of salt water hit his nose.  He was not sure if it was real, or if the heat and starvation had finally gotten to him.  He lifted his head slowly, peering over a dune he had scaled, the smell of salt water hit his senses like a freight train, the sounds of waves crashing onto the beach blessed his ears, which finally perked for the first time in his hellish existence after Riala. The need to drink over took him, the thirst for water to nourish him drove him forward now, he had made it, he had survived, to spite them.  He allowed his legs to carry him, though they fumbled, and fell and gave way as he stumbled towards the water.  Dark blue and black paws met the water with grateful acceptance, the sand washing away and being carried on smooth currents out into the deep blue sea.  He closed his eyes, and took in deep, labored breaths, the sea salt on the breeze burning the back of his scorched, dry throat, but he made no motion to rectify it.  

He took the moment to relish this accomplishment, through everything, he had survived.  If he could call it that, without his mate, and without his family, this was barely surviving, it most certainly was not living.  Dipping his head, he took a long deep drink of the salt water, for the moment it satisfied him, the cool water extinguishing the burning dryness in his throat.  Only to be replaced by a different burn moments later, as he retched up everything he had just consumed, along with the bile of a stomach that had been empty for weeks.  

Standing on shaky legs, bile dripping from his mouth as he lifted his head, acid green eyes narrowed, and lips peeled back in warning as someone approached.  

He was weak in body from lack of sustenance, but an animal backed into a corner is the most dangerous.

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  live from the coast, a song of fire
Posted by: Richter - April 21, 2018, 02:20:59 PM - Replies (3)

He placed the stones meticulously, fitting them carefully next to each other, over the row beneath. He had gathered them for this very purpose, choosing flat rectangular pieces over round or overly jagged. As he fit the row together, he drew close the basket of clay he'd gathered from one of the shores. Diligently, he coated this layer of rock in clay, making sure to stuff every crack and crevice, just like the rows beneath. Each row arranged in a circle, one atop the other, forming a stone and claw bowl upon the earth. It was large enough for a pair of wolves to lay in comfortably, but what sat in the center instead was a crackling fire. It warmed the clay as he went, drying and hardening it. A stone and hardened clay bonfire pit.

Or was it? Tortuga already had a large bonfire, the everburning flame fed and guarded by Torches, the center of every pack meeting. But it didn't serve the purposes Richter had in mind. Sticking objects into open flame and watching what happens only gets one so far. Fire changed things, altered the very nature of things, in ways he wanted to harness. He'd seen what happened to sand when lightning struck it; what if he could get the fire hot enough to recreate that himself? Clay hardened when heated; what about other kinds of earth? He'd seen enough jewelry and tools taken from humans to have some ideas of his own. He'd learned leatherworking and tattooing, and created an alphabet; the secrets of smelting would soon be his as well.

He did not hear whoever approached over the sound of crashing waves, but he caught their scent on the breeze as the wind suddenly shifted directions. "Here to watch the wolfdog work?" he asked without looking up, using a paw to even out the layer of clay.

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  You and Me and the Devil Makes Three (Kyron)
Posted by: Makoshark - April 21, 2018, 10:26:18 AM - No Replies

The sweet surrender of silence forces me to live alone
Locked and loaded, where the hell is peace of mind?
I wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea
I wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue
"speech" | thoughts

Mako's eyes shifted around as he looked for Kyron. His great uncle hadn't been back around for long but the boy had been itching to talk to him since he saw him with the slave caravan. He was pleased to see Kyron again but he had to admit that it would have been amusing if he had been enslaved. The Kraken's mouth twisted into a grin and he chuckled to himself. Everything was going wrong. All wrong.
The pack had set about making a new home of their islands but still it didn't feel the way it had when his father was Captain. The dynamic was all off and there were secrets he was keeping. Secrets that needed another ear. He didn't feel his pack respected him or trusted him as leader. None of them had said as much, but he also hadn't seen many of them since the move. A part of him said it was normal. The rational side said it was normal. They had their lost and their dead to worry themselves with on top of the duty of starting over.
But the nameless pit in his stomach didn't agree. The shadowy voice in the back of his head whispered mutiny and it kept the boy from sleeping at night. He'd never been told about the afflictions that plagued his family tree and before they were all gone, he'd not shown many symptoms. But now that he was a yearly it was easy to see that some of the physical side effects were becoming more obvious. Like his lean body. No matter how much he ate he never seemed to gain weight. He was still strong, fit to lead, but too thin.
There was one wolf that he needed to see. For advice. He'd never been open with anyone about his time spent with Kyron but now it was time to come clean. He tracked the other wolf down quickly, walking up to him easily. "Ahoy there. How're ye likin' the islands?" he asked, starting the conversation on a lighter note. He had an important question to ask, and no idea how to ask it. 

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  a stranger in a strange land
Posted by: Copper - April 21, 2018, 07:15:17 AM - No Replies

no reason to stay is a good reason to go

Aching limbs stumbled, heavily plodding along the dew-wet earth beneath her with each footfall. The rust-colored she-wolf wove through the trees and brush of the forest absentmindedly, in a sort of auto-pilot state.

Her situation wasn’t a necessarily complicated one - in fact, she’d hardly put any real thought into what she was doing, really. She’d just started walking one day, and her wandering hadn’t stopped since. What exactly she was trying to locate - if anything - was a mystery even to herself, be it some physical place or some feeling.

But something drove her on, farther and farther from her home, far into what was completely and totally alien to her. It probably didn’t help that she hadn’t seen anyone in quite some time, either. The youth honestly wasn’t sure if it was the product of dumb luck or some sort of misfortune.

The glint of light playing distantly on water broke whatever numbing spell her wanderlust had over her for a moment, and Copper became suddenly aware of her own thirst and protesting muscles.

A short rest couldn’t hurt, she thought as she shifted her attention toward the small pond she’d spotted by chance between the trees.

Her head dropped low, giving the surface a tentative sniff before she began to drink, watching the ripples of water distort her reflection.

Something for her was out there, she knew. The question for now was - was it here?

ooc // sorry for this rambling lol. im very out of practice

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  I was lightning before the thunder [prp: Kyron]
Posted by: Judas - April 20, 2018, 01:59:54 AM - No Replies

((Please ask though pm before joining))

A dark gray and cream color wolf slipped through the grass, he seems to be just aimlessly walking. However, he was deep in thought. He flicked his ears back as he came to a stop near a water's edge. He let out a sigh and almost dragged his paws as he walked over to the water. As he started to drink he could hear the low roar of thunder. It could be heard coming from the far north of where he was. The winds had just started to shift and pick up speed. His deep blue eyes scanned the sky around him once he was done drinking. He leaped on top of a nice size rock that was next to him as if to try and get a better look. The sky was growing dark; he looked behind him towards where he had come from and then back to his heading. The rain would do him good, it could help hide him as he slinked back to the only place he could really call home. Perhaps it was time to revisit some older thoughts once more? He flicked his tail before jumping off the rock and splashing into the water below the rock.

He had made his way to the other side of the river as the rain started to fall, perhaps he would find something interesting out here. He slinked around the sore line a bit before heading into the palm trees a bit. There was a bright light that little up the night sky as if it was daytime followed by a loud crack of thunder. The storm had gotten closer as he had taken his time to swim across to this island. He let out a soft sigh as he was slightly annoyed with himself. He scented the wind as it picked up. He couldn’t pick up anything but a damp earth smell mixed with the scent of the surrounding water. It was throwing off his nose at the moment. “To knock or not to knock” he thought as took a quick look around. No one was within sight. “So much for people being on guard in this area”. He let out scoff at that though.

He let out a short howl before taking a set under the palm trees. It wasn’t in the mood to be kept waiting. He wondered who would show to great him. He didn’t think many would welcome him warmly. If they knew his father they would likely be keen to steer clear of him as well. "Well, this is eventful..." he said sarcastically out loud as lightning let up the night sky once more before the thunder rolled.

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  Begin Again [Scylla]
Posted by: Batzorig - April 18, 2018, 10:23:53 PM - No Replies

    He's not new. Batzorig has been a Tortugan for some time now, although others are only now becoming aware of it. A Watchman accepted him, a member of the Arch promoted him, and both of them disappeared like so many others. Batzorig hid himself between the jungle and low-tide caverns without even meaning to. They're all closer now-- bound by loss and huddled tightly to avoid losing any more during the move. It's not that the island is smaller, but that he wants to be nearer to his packmates.
    Lions are capable of quiet: it's their nature as ambush predators, even moreso than wolves. Batzorig usually forgets this. He rears to his back legs, claws anchoring into a half-fallen trunk before pulling it down. He's a stunning sight, shining black and all bulging muscle, but not for long before he flops in the sunlight. A stereotypical male of his kind, sleeping when there's work to be done.

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  Feles, a warriors rp!
Posted by: Fern - April 18, 2018, 08:59:50 PM - No Replies

[Image: 24c8knp.png]


Feles is a new warrior cats rp, set in present day. It has four Clans, WillowClan, AshClan, EmberClan, and MossClan. It is brand new and is still looking for some high ranks to be filled, as well as eager members who are willing to role play and start some plots! It has a currency system, called furballs, which you earn by role playing and going to events such as Gatherings and Clan meetings. It has only a 40 word minimum count for role play posts, but awards you more furballs the more you post! 

go to !

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