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Wink Staff Information
Posted by: Forum Guardian - July 03, 2017, 02:41:01 AM - Replies (1)

A quick guide to our forum's staff!

Who are the Administrators?
Our forum host is Brent. He handles the server, hosting, and other technical aspects. Moderators are his direct lines of communication.

Who are the Moderators?
Our moderators are currently Arkyls, Kay, and Puffin. The mods are the ones who run the forum.

Who are the Admin Assistants?
This role is currently under construction!

Who are the Tech Assistants?
We currently do not have any Tech Assistant/s. They coded the vast majority of the forum, and provide troubleshooting and support.

[Image: MssSKUd.png]
[Image: hostadmi1.png]
Host Administrators
+ Host Admins are responsible for the technical needs of the forum.
+ Hosts the website and handles the server
+ Often take care of back-end issues, coding changes and updates.
+ Adds plugins and other features.
+ Does not handle member disputes.
+ Please don't PM Host Administrators with problems.
+ If you need to get a hold of Brent, an Admin Assistant can reach him the fastest.

[Image: guard1.png]
+ Also known as Moderators.
+ Mods keep the peace and order on the forum.
+ Relate to members and help with problems.
+ Community nominated and then chosen by the current team.
+ Approves/Disapproves Hellion, species, etc. applications.
+ Please DO PM Guardians with problems on the forum!

[Image: guard2.png]
Guardian on Break
+ Do not contact a moderator when their name is this color.
+ Moderators on break do not have any forum powers.
+ They are still able to view the moderator boards, but they have no obligation to post or keep up with discussions.
+ They are on a hard earned vacation!

[Image: adas1.png]
Admin Assistant (AA) -> This role is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
+ Forum clean up crew— fix broken links, update information, keep the forum looking nice.
+ Updates the affiliates and info box
+ Assists with upcoming changes and keeps up with mods on progress.
+ Communicates on behalf of Brent and on behalf of the forum to Brent
+ Will break vote ties for mods and otherwise offer suggestions/input as asked  
+ Does not handle member disputes
+ Please don't PM assistants with problems on the forum unless it is information update related OR if you need to get in contact with Brent.

[Image: techas1.png]
Tech Assistant (TA)
+ Technical assistants who keep the forum looking good and functioning properly.
+ Edit skins and code, also responsible for the upkeep of themes and importing new ones.
+ Please don't PM assistants with problems on the forum unless it is a technical or coding issue.

[Image: S9UddrQ.png]
Roleplay Organizers (RO)
+ Help organize boards, information, and packs in The Reach.
+ Keeps track of Reach Pack of the Month.
+ Organizes reach-specific and forum-wide IC events.
+ Please don't PM organizers with problems on the forum unless it's related to The Reach.

[Image: cdo2.png]
Character Directory Organizers (CDO)
+ The CD Organizers help sort profiles in the Character Directory
+ They are wonderful bees who are never less busy.
+ Please don't PM organizers with problems on the forum unless it's related to The Character Directory.

[Image: adve1.png]
Advertiser Extraordinaire
+ The Advertisers are in charge of maintaining our "Guests and Advertisements" board, as well as getting our forum's name out into the world.
+ The advertisers are volunteers that take time out of their day to assist the forum.
+ Please don't PM advertisers with problems on the forum unless it's related to advertisements or affiliates.

I have a question! What do I do?
You can post in the Questions board! If your question requires faster response from a moderator, or one moderator in particular, we encourage you to PM any one of us. We respond as promptly to PMs as we possibly can.

How can I contact the moderating team off-site?
Many moderators have e-mails and/or instant messaging names. It is their choice whether or not they give these out.

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Exclamation Forum Rules (tweaking)
Posted by: Forum Guardian - July 03, 2017, 02:39:06 AM - Replies (1)

The Rules of In Dire Straits

If you have a concern or question not addressed below, check the FAQ.

The Golden Rule.
Be kind, be patient, be considerate. Remember that behind the sparkledogs are real people. Not everyone will get along, but arguments must be handled gracefully or mods will absolutely step in. Real life is difficult enough; your online wolf-adventure should not be. We're here to have fun!

OOC Discussion

  • Any OOC discussion above PG-13/T for Teen/a [Image: 211.png] RPG ranking must be marked clearly in a spoiler tag and/or thread title. Explicit topics such as (but not limited to) illegal material, drug use, underage drinking, and sexual activities aren’t allowed. Potentially triggering content such as abuse, suicidal inclination, or assault must be placed in a spoiler tag. A mod may edit your post to include a spoiler tag if you do not provide one.
  • Mildly sexual, suggestive, and nude artwork is acceptable if it's marked clearly and put in a spoiler tag. Anything featuring or suggesting pedophilia, bestiality, etc. are absolutely never allowed and will result in immediate moderator action.
  • Graphic videos are absolutely forbidden. Posting a direct link to explicit content will result in immediate moderator action
  • Cursing is not monitored, but we have zero tolerance for racial, religious, class, etc. slurs and prejudices.
  • You are never permitted to "vent" about other forum members on the forum.

“Grave Digging”.
Please don’t bump old threads (ones that haven’t been posted on for at least several days) without good reason! When in doubt, just private message the member who wrote the original post.

Double Accounts.
Members are allowed to have however many side-accounts as they want (referred to as “personas”) for RP. However, you may not pretend to be multiple forum members or use someone else’s account to sidestep bans. Due to unfortunate situations in the past, we are very stern and unforgiving of this behavior.

Harassment is when another user is repeatedly, excessively, and/or needlessly pressured, excluded, belittled, bullied, alienated, or targeted by another individual. This creates a poor environment on the forum and will not be tolerated. If you need to report harassment or believe you have been falsely reported, PM a forum guardian with the following:
  • screenshots of the incident if available.
  • what happened from beginning to end, told as objectively as possible.
  • an explanation for why you did or said what you did.
  • please include any other information that you feel is relevant.
  • do not respond to the other person or people.
  • for off-site harassment: Both users involved must have active accounts on forum, and screenshots are vital.  While moderators in the past have felt that it was unhelpful to take off-forum actions into account, we now feel that it is most constructive to change our policy.

Coding and Profile Decorations

Coding in Posts and Character Profiles.
We urge all users to keep readability in mind with post and character bio coding. The general rule of thumb is that if other members need to highlight or resize your post in another program in order to read it, please rethink your layout. The coding manual can be found here.

Quick and Dirty Guide to Coding Readability

First, a preface from Arkyls:

Quote:With the new forum having really great, expansive new coding options I'd just like to remind everyone while posting profiles, bins, and codes for future RP posts that you consider the following to maintain readability across the forum.

There will be a more extensive guide later but for now, If people need to:

- highlight your text
- copy/paste it somewhere else to size increase it
- otherwise look through the source code to read it

Please reconsider your particular formatting and coding.

This should be the overall rule of thumb when it comes to formatting. It is unkind (and, frankly, unrealistic) to expect other people to jump through hoops in order to read your posts, and how will they be able to partake in your wolfventures if they can't read them?

It is worth noting, as well, that you are not obligated to use post coding. Many members don't or only use very minimalist codes.

Colored Text

People use colored text all the time to differentiate dialogue. But, what looks good on the skin you're using might sear the eyes out of people using others.

For example, this maroon color looks pretty nice on the Forest theme.

[Image: Mma7uat.png]

...And it's illegible on the Nardir theme.

[Image: Vi15gOG.png]

To stop this from happening, Uri installed custom box codes, which allows you to put your post in... well, a box. You can see the difference:

[Image: 5FWptnt.png] [Image: brWCTla.png]

This means that your post will look the same across all themes. If you use colored text in your posts, please use a box code.

Reasonable Post Coding and Font Sizes

Most of us have seen (and some that came from) forums that rely on very graphics heavy postscripts. While we understand the appeal of such styles, keep in mind that a lot of our userbase runs on toasternet, has vision impairments, or are too tired from working a thousand hours to read size .05 font surrounded by flame photomanips. Code for, again, readability.

If your post coding is too difficult to read, the mod team will ask you to alter it.

New: Please do not use animated backgrounds to your RP post coding. It would be best if you didn't put gifs in general in them, barring small things. Absolutely never use any flashing images.

Here are some examples of things you should not do, modeled by Rhiow's Rhiow:

[Image: BzLT4go.png]

[Image: uwqaomo.png]

[Image: lbxkymO.png]

[Image: nHtwRai.png]

[Image: g6FdoiG.png]

Real Good Eggs

On the flip side, here are just a few examples of very lovely and totally acceptable formats people have made so far:

[Image: 539ujga.png]

[Image: ELmDVUh.png]

[Image: sspKZIR.png]

[Image: 5BpJiyp.png]

[Image: YqjPTEn.png]

[Image: p8kfRHW.png]

If you have any questions, please ask.

User Profiles and Signatures.
  • You may decorate your profile any way you wish, barring inappropriate or stolen content and as long as it’s within our height restrictions to avoid stretching the forum. While animated backgrounds are not allowed for post codes, you may use them for avatars, signatures, and profile banners. Please avoid flashing images.
  • Signatures have a total MAXIMUM height of 400 pixels and a MAXIMUM width of 600 pixels. This includes BOTH text and picture. These are the absolute hard limits, and the forum will automatically place your signature into a scroll box if you go beyond them. Avatars are a max of 150x300 but can be smaller.

Artists, Art Theft, & Plagerism

Do not beg artists for artwork.
Our community is not obligated to make anyone free art. Please do not pester them.
Uncompleted commissions.
Many of our members take art commissions. While this is not usually monitored by the mods, if someone engages in scams or is reported to not complete their commissions, they may be suspended or prohibited from selling on the forum.

Should an artist leave a commission uncompleted for six months, and should the uncompleted commission be reported to the Moderation Team, the artist will receive a Level One warning. Temporary or permanent prohibitions from selling art on the forum may be given out for further reports of uncompleted commissions.

The Moderator Team is not going to be actively monitoring commission status. To file a report, we require proof of attempt at communication with the artist and proof of when money was sent. Once we receive logs/screenshots/other proof, it will be discussed amongst the team as usual. We will only act once a report has been filed, and the only actions we can take are to give warnings and ban members from selling on the forum. As a general note, PayPal gives a 6 month time limit on charge backs. We cannot hunt down money for you.

As a reminder, you are always allowed to report anonymously, and you’re always allowed to inquire on the status of a report.


What if my TOS state a wait time longer than 6 months?
These guidelines do not and will not override an individual artist’s Terms of Service. If an artist’s TOS state that their queue is backed up, a specific piece or project requires extra time, or any other reason behind a commission taking longer than 6 months, a report will not be valid at the 6 month period. An artist's Terms of Service are binding at the time of the commission, but because we are unable to police this, it is up to the person filing the report to provide proof of the original Terms of Service (through chat lots/screen shots/etc.).

What if I’ve been sick/away/dealing with real life issues?
Artists who receive warnings/temporary or permanent bans will be able to appeal the moderator action taken upon them, as always. We understand that real life is a priority, and things happen. Should there be an instance where an artist is unable to contact their commissioners for an extended period of time and receives a warning against them, they will be able appeal their warning or ban with proof of completing their queues.
Art/Writing Theft.
  • As IDS has a very prolific artist and writer community, we take art and writing theft very seriously. You are allowed to use art provided it was made BY you, made FOR you, or its usage was permitted by the artist (such as stock images)
  • If you are not sure you have permission to post something, when in doubt - always ask the creator.
  • If you find stolen material posted without credit, DO NOT call the thief out on the forum. Please PM a Mod.
  • Also, if the forum in general has used copyrighted material unknowingly, please let us know so we can make corrections. Thank you!

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Heart Gemini Personals: RP Requests & Ongoing Events!
Posted by: The Ancient - June 24, 2017, 06:25:45 PM - Replies (2)

This is here to use as a Looking For RP station in Gemini! Our forum already has a sub board for this purpose, but this can be used as a more targeted means for just our pack.

We may occasionally spotlight certain threads still open to participants to bring them to your attention!

Sample personal post:
Hey! I'm looking for a plot related thread with a ranked member of Gemini! Rangers preferred! Maybe even two! Jonas needs to be caught sniffing around somewhere he shouldn't!

We will also put the information links for current and ongoing events in this post!

Open threads looking for participants: Acceptances needing attention: Plots seeking heroes, villains, and shenanigans:
  • Solstice - this is still open to family/friends!

Ongoing Events:

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  Tortugan Tropical Landmarks [Map & Territory]
Posted by: Raikov - June 21, 2017, 06:02:09 PM - Replies (4)

[Image: latest?cb=20161105195415][Image: latest?cb=20161105203521][Image: latest?cb=20161105193824][Image: latest?cb=20161105204055][Image: latest?cb=20161105193638][Image: latest?cb=20161105202704][Image: latest?cb=20161105204315][Image: latest?cb=20161105202700][Image: latest?cb=20161105205734][Image: latest?cb=20161105205054][Image: latest?cb=20161105194432][Image: latest?cb=20161105194437]

[Image: zUIr4bc.jpg]

The volcano eruption didn’t just cause chaos in Saboro. The ground shook and trembled with a fierce earthquake that made the mountains that make up the Verge collapse inwards; utterly destroying Tortuga’s old territory. With heavy hearts, the pirates will left their broken home behind in search of a few one. Tortuga mass migrated down south to settle down into a new uninhabited tropical territory located by Thunder Cove. This is their home now.

Forest Biome: Tortuga's territory is largely made up of a tropical ran forest filled with waterfalls, rivers, streams and a large variety of unique and exotic animals, herbs and poisons. The territory is filled with dense growth of plant life, ranging from tall trees, vines and bushes. It is an excellent opportunity to grow and develop our own gardens where we can breed poisons and cures due to the rich and fertile soil of the forest floor. The climate is very hot and humid in the heart of the forest, yet the tropical beaches are far cooler with a sea breeze. The forest biome is home to many large animals such as gorillas, cats, okapi, rhinoceros, tapir and reptiles. Smaller animals that can be seen, and often act as companions to the pirates, include tropical birds, frogs, monkeys, sloths, snakes, rodents and other small mammals.

Marine Biome: The tropical beach lies along the coastline that's home to many marine creatures. A coral reef takes up a large portion of the beach, identifiable with the crystal clear water and a variety of brightly coloured fish. Coral is harvested to fashion more diverse trinkets. The water is very warm and further out to sea, particularly surrounding the small islands, there are larger mammals such as dolphins, manatees and sharks accompanied by smaller, brighter fish that can be seen from the surface. Large beds of seaweed layer the ocean floor along with crustaceans and sea cucumbers. There is also a larger, more dangerous beast that lurks in the deepest depths of the water; the Megalodon.

Table of Contents:
  1. Tropical Forest Landmarks
  2. Marina Landmarks
  3. Island 1
  4. Island 2

[Image: latest?cb=20161105201245][Image: latest?cb=20161105193546][Image: latest?cb=20161105202124][Image: latest?cb=20161105205520][Image: latest?cb=20161105200820][Image: latest?cb=20161105195220][Image: latest?cb=20161105200824][Image: latest?cb=20161105203032][Image: latest?cb=20161105200826][Image: latest?cb=20161105194330][Image: latest?cb=20161105204758][Image: latest?cb=20161105202812]

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  Sharita Bloodline Genetics
Posted by: Raikov - June 21, 2017, 06:01:03 PM - No Replies

[font=georgia][size=undefined]SHARITA BLOODLINE DIRECTORY[/size]
[size=undefined]☠ ☠ ☠[/size]

[font=Georgia]A while ago, Tortugan Alphas received moderator approval to create a 'Rage Gene' specific to the Sharita bloodline and its descendants. The result is an unfortunate genetic cocktail born from all the anger, instability and family dysfunction that is inherent to the notorious pirate dynasty. Only members of the Sharita family (Shark x Rita's children and its future generation may inherit these conditions. There are two disorders that can impact characters: the Barbados Syndrome and the Bermuda Complex.

Common Symptoms of the BARBADOS SYNDROME:
(The more common of the two, this condition is steady and stable and has the potential to be controlled over time.)
+ Increased rage/anger.
+ Short fuse/temper.
+ Prone to risky/impulsive behavior.

Common Symptoms of the BERMUDA COMPLEX:
(Very uncommon, this is a recessive gene. Those with active Bermuda Complexes are highly likely to have their mental stability deteriorate over time, the symptoms growing stronger. )
+ Highly-increased temper, susceptible to episodes of intense fury.
+ While in these episodes, they experience tinnitus, lack of concern for their physical well-being, and highly impulsive reactions.
+ Paranoia/suspicion of others, can be extreme.
+ Increased risk of heart disease/malfunctions.
+ Increased blood pressure.
+ Hyperthyroidism.

For the current Sharita kids, please feel free to choose one for your character. Though they can also just be a carrier.
For future Sharita bloodline characters, please feel free to utilize this!

+ Arma: Bermuda Positive.
+ Tripp: Barbados Positive; Bermuda Carrier.

+ Morgan: Barbados Positive; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Raikov: Bermuda Positive; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Manta: ?Clean..
+ Genesis: Clean; Carrier of both.
+ Tesora: Clean; Bermuda Carrier.

+ Corsair: Barbados Positive.
+ Baal: Bermuda Positive; Barbados Carrier.
+ Loch: Barbados Positive
+ Trout: Barbados Positive; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Tsunami: ?Clean.
+ Albatross: Carrier of both.
+ Portia: Carrier of both.
+ Reef: Carrier of both.
+ Missouri: Carrier of both.
+ Hook: Bermuda Positive; Bermuda Carrier.

+ Haddock: Bermuda Positive; Barbados Carrier.
+ Sirius: Barbados Positive; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Neela: Barbados Positive; Clean.
+ Kaikona: ?Clean; ?Clean.

+ Minerva: Clean; Clean.
+ Armistice: Barbados Positive; Clean.
+ Violeta: Clean; Bermuda Carrier.

+ Zorro: Bermuda Positive; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Nami: ?Clean; ?Clean
+ Electra: ?Clean; ?Clean.

+ Zuriel: Clean; Barbados Carrier.
+ Gull: Bermuda Positive.
+ Florence: Barbados Positive; Barbados Carrier.

+ Atton: Clean; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Mako: Bermuda Positive; ?Clean.
+ Zelos: Clean; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Sinbad: Clean; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Celeste: Clean; Bermuda Carrier.
+ Elijah: ?Clean; ?Clean.
+ Moxie: Bermuda Positive; ?Clean.

+ Finn Clean; Clean.
+ Neta Clean; Clean.
+ Jira Barbados Positive; Bermuda Carrier.

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  The Crew [Ranks List]
Posted by: Raikov - June 21, 2017, 05:54:17 PM - Replies (2)


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  The Scrolls [Information]
Posted by: Raikov - June 21, 2017, 05:47:58 PM - Replies (4)


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  Ranks, Roles, & Models
Posted by: Mother Moon - June 20, 2017, 10:11:32 PM - No Replies

Within this thread is the explanation and elaboration of the various ranks within Nardir, by the heads of said ranks. 
Each information post is created by the head of that rank.[/align]


LUNAR KING Julek - played by Uri & LUNAR QUEEN Alana - played by Hayley
VICEROY Puffin - played by Puffin

ADVISORS serve as betas - Byakko, played by Seki *
HYDRA guards the royal family - Sansa, played by Hayley
PARSEC controls the Parallax - Terebellum, played by Libra *
CENTAURUS trains the Mantle - Anika, played by Sunblink
MAELSTROM runs the Jovian Winds - Akutan, played by Seki *
QUASAR teaches the Halos - Kestrel, played by Beanie
WEAVER guides the Artisans - n/a
GROUNDSKEEPER protects the land - Buckshot, played by Pawprint *

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Posted by: Mother Moon - June 20, 2017, 06:27:40 PM - Replies (2)

[Image: MF4ptPP.png] NARDIR [Image: MF4ptPP.png]

Color Key
Purple = Main branch of the royal family.
Orange = Viceroy & children of the Viceroy.
Cyan = Advisory & children of the Advisory.
Pale Blue = nobility & children of nobility.
*  = holds multiple ranks (three max).
Italicized = in-training for rank.

Member Tally: 44.

[Image: MnUk1F3.png]
[Image: MF4ptPP.png]



[Image: MnUk1F3.png]
[Image: MF4ptPP.png]






Buckshot | Tallulah

[Image: MF4ptPP.png]

[Image: MnUk1F3.png]
[Image: MF4ptPP.png]







[Image: MF4ptPP.png]

[Image: MnUk1F3.png]
[Image: MF4ptPP.png]


Terebellum - Parsec.
Storm - Old Nardir Beta.
Starfire - Old Nardir Secret Ops(?).
Erasmus - Aged Old Nardir member lost in the exile.
Bulan - Esteemed Regolith, died trying to kill the bear who took Julek's eye.
Ailsa - Quasar, attacked by the bear who took Julek's eye, later succumbed to her wounds.

[Image: MF4ptPP.png]
Layout by Puffin and Uri w/ edits by Hayley.

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