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The tide was unbelievably low today, which of course lent itself to a little beach and sea exploration. When he made his way out to the island, Laim was unbelievably grateful for the chance to simply escape himself and worry about nothing else except for seeing some new things and enjoying a new land he'd yet to explore. Dripping salt water, he'd loped excitedly along the beach, chasing after a flock of seagulls and laughing as they were forced to take flight, landing far away on the great swaths of exposed sand.

When that game lost its thrill, he found himself drawn to something out in the water. It was... a small patch of land? No. It didn't look natural. Like the castle, this was something that had been made and left behind for discovery. Fending off that pain in his heart, Laim set off again through the water without a second thought, happy to continue her pattern of escapism especially if it meant he'd get to see what that structure was.

Bobbing along abreast the old, wrecked vessel, the wolf drank in it's great size. Barnacles and seaweed covered the majority of its surface while more of the seagulls were perched here and there. It took ages to find a good spot to haul himself up, and by the time he managed it his first few minutes aboard were spent panting in a heap.
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