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Carbine she/her
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Rolled a dice and got 5/6 so Carbine catches a vole. Lmk if I should edit anything

       It had just stopped raining when the tri-colored shape of Carbine left the castle her family lived in. The ground was cold and wet under her paws however her thick coat protected her from the cold. She walked quietly through the forest until she she had put enough distance between her home and began walking normally.

       It was early in the morning when the forest-eyed daughter wanted to stretch her legs and test out the skills that Cancer taught her. He tried to teach her how to hunt last time and she wanted to see if she could manage it by herself. She wanted to show him that she could learn, make him proud of her. The large male was one of the strongest people she knew next to her mother and he paid attention to her. Maybe if the tri-colored puppy could make him proud, she could also make her parents proud.

       The green-eyed princess loved believing that she was her mother's and father's favorite, but being in a litter of six with two busy parents made it difficult not to get overshadowed by her other siblings. She knew that her parents loved her, but part of her wondered if they loved one of her siblings more.

       The Alteron scion looked around for something to hunt, her pawsteps quieted as she caught sight of a brown coat. A vole nibbled on greenery and the puppy dropped into a stalk. 'Be quiet', 'Watch your step', 'Get close enough to strike'. The wind blew her scent away from her quarry and the vole's back was to her. She was still small and easily crept through the undergrowth and foliage.

       The cream, silver, and charcoal girl put all of her strength into her hind legs as she sprang. Her leap carried her a pace short but she shot forwards and her now-sharp teeth snatched the vole's back and she bit down hard until she heard a crack. Adrenaline rushed through her veins and the feeling of utter satisfaction and pride filled her chest. The green-eyed girl rose with the vole in her mouth.
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