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We all need a little good clean fun after... that. Also Mia wasn't there, so fill her in, if you can stand to.

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  In and out, under over, twist around and pull. Braid the stems, tie the leaves, arrange the petals. Pretty purple flowers litter the ground, and Miasma's never seen them before. Likely, neither has Sarissa. It's a shame she didn't come. So, take the flowers back to her.

  The dire weaves her souvenir, on her belly, leaned on the trunk of a jacaranda. She wonders what Shuck's up to. She hopes Sarissa misses her. She's so very prone to loneliness.
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If blood is thicker than water then
You'll drown quicker than we intended
If blood is thicker than water then
You'll know where to find us in the end

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