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Puzzle rolled her shoulders forward and back, trying to loosen the tension that was building between her shoulder blades. Her tail rocked gently back and forth. She'd been searching for hours for Ginseng Root. The boost it provided to the immune system would be invaluable in the coming months but the exotic plant was nearly impossible to find. She hoped to be able to spy the bright red berries that would give the plant away but this late in the season she was skeptical she'd be given such a sign. Her one consolation was the day was beautiful. The noon sun beat down with a welcome heat to the chill breeze that gently flowed down from the north. 

She had a home now in a large valley were loners roamed, and it was a welcome relief to have a place to return to after her wanderings. Even if she returned empty-pawed just the act of returning home was a delight. Puzzle shifted her gaze northward, pleased to see clear skies. Spring around the corner she knew but for now it looked like the winger would stretch on forever.  Turning her course toward the lake she kept her senses alert for her quarry. Her eyes swished from one side to another. Her paws hurt and her breath clung to the air for dear life. Her bones clicked and her ears flopped around her head, occasionally slapping her eyes.

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K y r a,

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Grumbling, plodding, swaying back and forth, fit to burst. How the hell had Sara handled pregnancy so well? Kyra should have been on bed rest, she should have been walking back and forth in the courtyard instead of taking a trip around the lake. She was back to nibbling on foods lately not because she would throw them up but because she could barely a handle more than a mouthful at a time before she felt full. Her sides were swollen from pregnancy. Her father told her soon - soon soon soon they would come. It had been almost two moons since that terrible night.

She felt like a land whale with the way her stomach swayed under her with each step, the skin on her stomach felt stretched, she could feel a small paw press on her ribs at times, or kick with a powerful force within her on the exact same spot, over and over and over again. It put her in a foul mood.

Suddenly, a strange scent alerted her, and a rustling and breathing close by as if the stranger was making no moves to cover their tracks or walk silent as they trespassed on Nardirian lands. She had heard no howl at the border, and seen no other guard bring a newcomer to the Queen for acceptance. This was a trespasser, and they were about to run into the wrong member on the wrong day.  

The Head of the Guard snapped her teeth to herself as she went to hunt for them, a light blazed with eagerness to perform the duties she had been itching to do since she had to ask another guard to take them. Whoever let this vagrant walk by them though was going to get an ear full, after of course the trespasser was dealt with. A trespasser could spell trouble for her pups, she was on high alert and knew several members would come to her aid and be there quickly should she call out.

With a low and unwelcome snarl the bright blazing red female emerged from the bushes before the stranger. "You are in Nardir's Territory. Since you are not at the border and asking for audience I will assume you are trespassing. We can do this one of three ways. I can call the Queen for her verdict here, or I can escort you out and we can try again from there. The third way is I chase you out." There was no way in hell she was going to bring them to the castle and show this stranger where they all lived, where she was going to have her pups, where they all relaxed. Her stance was menacing, she was a trained warrior with heavy muscles and built for endurance. Perhaps her pregnancy would give her a look of pudge around her middle but she was all business and not at all intimidated by the stranger. Kyra was ready to rip someone to shreds if they endangered the pups within her.


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