[MON PLOT] Chapter 1: Tortuga
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Chapter One

Within the depths of the Abyss, something stirs.

It’s cries may be ignored at first - just another prisoner agonized by their situation. Perhaps they’re resorting to the toxic pool that resides within the cavern. It’s a normal thing for Tortuga, nothing to be concerned about.

That is, until one night the screams can be heard further north, near the bonfire pit where the festivals are held. There is black blood all around the bonfire, but no sight of what has left it. It smells foul, unnatural, and seems to drive away the prey.

Those who reside in the south of Tortuga can not escape this; for the blood is scattered all over the southern isle, and the smell is repulsive and inescapable.

The Abyss is practically inhabitable. More worryingly, the black blood seems to drip down from the trees.

Whatever it is, it is capable of moving through the treetops.

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gonna see if anyone posts before i try chapter 2

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    His lip has begun weeping sluggish blood, from sharp incisors cutting into it. Batzorig stares at the trunk of the tree, nervous to lift his eyes even to the branches, where the problem really lies, like that alone invites some sort of curse. Black drips to the ground, darker and more foul than any blood he's familiar with-- though he isn't the best judge of that. The oldest he's ever known is on his lip right now.
    He doesn't call for help, or move away from the thing that's frightened him so. Like a child, hiding from the monsters in his mane. Too scared to look away, sure that speaking is only asking to be silenced.
    All he knows is that this isn't right.
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