How to join the Caravan! [We are OPEN!]
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How to Join the Caravan
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We are OPEN!

  • Make sure you read our Ethical Code for rules and information before joining!
  • Fringe Dires are very much welcome, with other canines generally accepted. Felines are rarely accepted, especially sabres, though they can join with alpha approval if they prove their loyalty and worth ICly. Ghosts can appear with alpha approval as long as they had a history with the pack.
  • Classic acceptances are encouraged and can be taken by anyone as ranks and duties are practically universal! Send an alpha a PM to let them know if your thread has been sitting there for more than a few days and we can take a look for you.
  • Auto-acceptance is available as well if you're not feeling up to RPing! Send me a message at my Kookamunga account with the info below:
    Character's Name:
    Character's Profile: [url=]Link![/url]
    Permanent Resident or Just Visiting?

  • Ghosts have a similar process to auto-acceptance but use the form below and send to my Kookamunga account!
    Character's Name:
    Character's Profile (Not Necessary): [url=]Link![/url]
    What areas/situations are they most likely to appear in?
    Can people mention this ghost in their posts?

  • Designs and Existing BBO Characters will be up for adoption very soon!

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