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I will use my voice and I will use my fists
To destroy everything I can

- demon seed by nine inch nails

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The Valley had been quiet. It made the striped girl uneasy, like the calm before some terrible storm. The air was tense and electric as if primed to explode given the slightest provocation. Whatever it was that was coming, Vaisravana intended to be ready for it. There was an inkling of urgency in the back of her mind ushering her to move, move, move -- but to where, and from what? It left her more confused than anything, and that made her angry. Not knowing what lie ahead, what the future held, not knowing what was coming.. it was frightening. Vaisravana wasn't one to willingly acknowledge perceived weakness, however, and so substituted anger in its place. As she often did when she succumbed to such a feeling, Vaisravana chose to run her emotions off, quite literally. Her paws began to pound against the dry terrain of the valley, muscles pumping to bring the wolf first to a plod, then a trot, then to an easy run. The large beast kicked up dusty soil as she ran, vivid chartreuse eyes focusing on the red rocks and clusters of tumbleweeds and dry grasses ahead. Exercise always helped to calm her down and clear her mind, but for some reason the canine didn't believe that that would be the case this time.

Something was coming, but what? And furthermore, what part was she to play in it? Jaws parted and she began to pant, muscles beginning to faintly tingle and burn. The sun overhead was beating down on her striped back, so the young beast opted for a more shady route. She veered off towards a small canyon, the walls high enough to provide cover from the hot rays. The sandy ground underpaw was less heated there, but still pleasantly warm. Lizards and other small creatures startled by her sudden appearance scattered to cover, some standing their ground to hiss or threaten. Vai paid them no mind.

Her thoughts began to wander towards rank. Her mother was a prestigious member of the holy order of Priests, her father was the Yellow Seour next in line to take in the spirit of the Yellow Rose. Her brothers had charged headfirst into battle alongside their Holy Trinity, two of them giving their lives honorably in battle. What had she accomplished, what had she to show? It was a bitter pill to swallow that she had practically no accomplishments under her belt.

Vai slowed to a stop as she rounded a bend in the canyon to find it opening up into a large one, this one with a small stream running through the middle. The stream had probably carved the canyon out over years and years of wearing it down - her parents had taught her such things. It was strange to think that something so seemingly weak as water could cut through tough, unforgiving stone. It was perseverance that ultimately accomplished this, the water wearing down the stone over time. Years, perhaps thousands of them, but it had done it. She lowered her muzzle and lapped up a few good drinks of the cool liquid, tongue swiping out to clear her lips of any remaining droplets.

Vaisravana was suddenly aware of noise to her right, the soft shifting of sand and dry brush. Her hackles bristled up a fraction - she had been caught off-guard. The bondless yearling chided herself; how could she be so foolish? The sound of crunching earth and rock under something of considerable weight made the girl puff herself up to her full height. Intimidation was always a good tactic, and Vai was a big beast. "Show yourself," she all but commanded the unknown being, who was (with luck) just some Oukokan wandering the same canyon as she.

Vaisravana was not particularly in the mood for random violence ruining her already sub-par day.
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