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They'd run, and run... and run... Resting in lands they'd passed through before on the way to and from to the war with Inaria. The group spent time together, some on their own, and different pairs to get to know the strangers who'd fled by their sides. Today the sun dusted ex-Saborako wandered on her own from her companions, however not far. Naviti had needed some space to lick invisible wounds, embrace the sudden freedom, and enjoy herself. A word to allow the group to know her direction with general information that she'd mark as she did on Saboro's borders incase she went a bit too far.

Naviti longed for the comfort of her purple tree, the garden she had allowed Lucas to plant around and below it. The field of poppies beside that the girl would dive through as a pup with her siblings. Never truly fitting in as a kid, but growing closer to Oriana as an adult and through her pride in the ex-Sabora. More than anything though, her heart felt heavy. Hurting heavily in her chest, an ache for Keanu. Swallowing a hard lump, bright blue eyes sought distraction.

Hours of slow walk, nose sniffing out odd flowers that had never thrived behind the bars of Saboro. Giggling gleefully pulling a pollen covered muzzle from one sweet scented bunch in particular, a comical sneeze as a creamy paw whisked away most of the irritant. Most. Navi did indeed notice the scents around the area, when it became strong enough to resemble a border the girl redirected to a wide field. Dashing out into the open space, springing herself forward into a long deserved run. Small feet guiding her gracefully along, her chest aching with what could only have been the rediscovery of a passion free of restraints or demands.

Springing up and diving through until the indigo female lay with foliage stuck in her lovely wavy fur, a smudge of pollen on her dark nose, her laughter had grown in volume. Pure, joyful, despite that heartache that constantly lingered.

((Naviti is meant to be outside Gemini, PM me to let me know if I titled this wrong
Prp; but might open in a few solid rounds, or will make an open if there is interest))

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Remember your name.
Do not lose hope — what you seek will be found.
Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped
to help you in their turn.
Trust dreams.
Trust your heart, and trust your story.
When you come back, return the way you came.
Favors will be returned, debts will be repaid.
Do not forget your manners.
Do not look back.

- Neil Gaiman, Instructions
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She could recognize ex-saborans, current ones, spies.. she could do that. It would be an honor to mind the borders and scope them out for a pack who took her, and Jezebel, in with.. well.. some hesitation. But still, they allowed entry with supervision and here she was!! Jezebel had left not long after being allowed in, and for a brief moment, Keanu thought to follow.

But there comes a time when chicks need to spread their wings and see the world for themselves. Even if that chick is borderline homicidal with abandonment issues. Keanu squints at the thought, a lingering 'what have you done' resting in her head, but pushed back into the corner and covered with a very dusty rug. No one will notice that there, right?

The Peregrine sweeps through the lowlands, low.. to the.. land.. herself, creeping, sneaking, watching. There was someone traveling nearby, someone investigating the very land she was a self-proclaimed warden of, albeit temporarily, but still..

And then there was a laugh.

It sounded as bright and warm as a memory she'd had, it felt like the Sun peeking through leaves in the tree tops, she swears she can smell the Sunflower of Saboro, even.. and her blood runs cold.

..There is someone here. There is someone who sounds like.. sounds like her, there is.. there is a smell, a scent, something she had come to love, and.. yet.. panic sets in. It couldn't be that Naviti is here, it couldn't be, it can't be that, because that meant.. Were they looking for her, for Jezebel, for the rest? Did they know she was here? Why was it only Navi's smell..? Because the Saborako was a weakness for the Peregrine, that's why.

The Saborako was her vulnerability and if they flaunted the sun dappled princess in front of the Peregrine, well, yes, of course Keanu would bite. A stiffled whine emitted from her throat as she cursed Saboro for its mind games, as she cursed herself for being so predictable, and as she stepped out from the shadows to reveal herself to the heart she'd left behind.

"You're a dream, aren't you? You're not really here,"  her voice sounds far away, her mouth dry, "Please be here. Please don't be my imagination-" she finds herself on the ground, crawling and dragging her belly in the dirt. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't be a dream, please be here," she should never have left, but they needed her help. "I'm so sorry for leaving, I never should've left, I never should've left you-" her throat clenches, it hurts, she feels the full force of her decisions crashing down all at once.

"I love you, please, please forgive me," her words sting like tears, she only wants to get close enough to the Saborako to touch her, to smell her, to feel her. She should be raising an alarm, she should be calling out for help- Saboro is here- but she can't. Naviti could bring a thousand angry soldiers to demolish a civilization, and Keanu would be helpless to do anything but watch the Princess conquer.

But in her heart, she knew Naviti wasn't here to reign down hell on refugees. That's why Keanu loved her. She was understanding, but would she understand- would she forgive- abandonment? The Peregrine gulped and waited- groveled, really- at the feet of her weakness, a shining star, her inevitable downfall.

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She lay there on her back, pale belly exposed to the world above for a few long moments. Admiring the birds that swirled above once Navi had settled down for long enough, could have dozed off here if there hadn't been so much more to explore. About to take a moment to groom some of the nature out of her fur, sitting herself up only to see a very familiar figure moving toward her. Vibrant eyes squinted as realization caused her stomach to jolt to hard it felt like she might be sick. Tremors suddenly wracking her body, a long, loud, whine starting from deep in her chest as Keanu came closer.

At first it was as if she'd been glued to her place, before her body remembered how to move and her tail wagged so furiously her entire butt and legs were going. The ex-Peregrine was on her belly with whines just as loud as Naviti's. Her Peregrine. Who'd disappeared and lurched the entire world into something unfamiliar and painful. In this moment that barely mattered as she shuffled closer, until she could grab Keanu and slam her own body against her. Face shoving their cheeks together, arms wrapping around if they hadn't toppled over from the impact. If they did... she'd over wiggle closer on the ground as the whine continued on.

"You're a dream, aren't you? You're not really here, Please be here. Please don't be my imagination- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't be a dream, please be here, I'm so sorry for leaving, I never should've left, I never should've left you- I love you, please, please forgive me,"

Tears welled behind her large eyes as they took in the beautiful freckled face in front of her, moving away just enough to watch Keanu as she stuttered and shook. There could be an army for all Keanu knew, but there wasn't. It was just herself, and the hurricane of emotions that made it feel as if she couldn't contain them all. They ripped through her mercilessly, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. "I-I thought you... were dead. I... You left... Keanu I love you... Don't leave me. We got away, I've been so lost without you." She wept between words, aching to be closer again, praying this wasn't another goodbye. A tease, a punishment for escaping.

She would never be a Princess again, but she would always be Keanu's Princess if her Knight would have her.

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*yells softly*

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