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It had been ages since the large female had encountered another one of her species within the confines of the forest; which were popularly referred to as 'The Neutrals'. In these freelands everything went and justice had no place. There were nights when she caught wind of wolves from distant lands crossing into these forests. For what purpose she didn't wish to dwell on. There were whispers of strange wolves creeping into the forest and taking occupants, young and old, away never to be seen again. Ulva opted to avoid contact with other wolves just to be safe. One could never know what the intent of another and she wouldn't let her guard down when she did stumble upon other wolves. Mix breeds for the most part. She hadn't seen another fellow pure fringe dire since she started making a living here so many years ago. There had been some hellions carving out a living within these forests as well but they were evasive and rarely sought out companionship with anyone they were not familiar with. To sum it up; the neutrals were where creatures went to avoid others. Unless they met up with those with ill intent.

For now Ulva was curled up in a underground den that she had dug out herself. Yet enough time had passed for a body imprint in the dirt to mark her favorite position in which to sleep but was currently cradling her broad frame as her side fell and rose with her steady breaths that came from parted lips. Dawn had barely risen over the peaks of the surrounding mountains tainting the black of night with hues of pink, purple, yellow and orange. The bitter cold of winter season he began to take hold leaving the forest with a quiet and vacant feel. Unlike how it was a few weeks ago when the song of birds and shuffling leaves echoed constantly throughout the day. Now there was hardly a sound to be heard in the cold air of morning which often caused the fringe dire to oversleep for the most part but she also didn't feel like freezing her nose off and hunkered down within the warmth of her den. That would not be the situation today. After an hour or so passed closed eyelids began to twitch and flutter as brilliant yellow orbs were revealed to take in her familiar surroundings. A loud groan sounded as the red and tan female stretched. Her back arching as she straightened out her legs. Following up was a tired huff as she laid still for a moment. Gathering the will to get up and start her day by going outside. Something she didn't really want to do because the draft coming into the den alerted her to how cold it was out there but she needed to relieve herself and find something to eat.

The wind was stolen from her lungs as she braved the cold morning air but managed to power through and emptied her bladder on her favorite tree. "Damn its cold," she muttered to herself as her face contorted into a scowl as she began to walk to the nearby watering hole. Based on the temperature today she was fully expecting the small lake to be frozen over with ice. Which would mean that she would have to break through to get to the water underneath. Something she definitely wasn't looking forward to. It was times like this she wished she was somewhere warm all year round. It was the same thing every year and yet she remained. When the lake was able to be seen from between the distant trees and shrubs Ulva groaned in dismay. In her mind she was working out the best way for her to break the ice when her thoughts were interrupted by a strange sight that met her eyes. Yellow eyes narrowed as they scanned over the water that was flowing underneath a recently made hole near the bank. Black tipped ears flickered around in order to catch any sounds as she lowered her face to the ground around the hole to take in the scent that lingered around it. It had been done recently but not too recently still the large fringe dire didn't let her guard down. Her tongue dipped into the chilling water to lap up some into her mouth but she would pause frequently to listen before continuing to drink. Once finished she scanned the woods to see if she could catch sight of anything out of place but she didn't notice anything worthy of attention.

She made her way to her stash, a corpse of a small fawn, to fill her hunger. It had been a few days since she hunted and wanted an easy meal; until tomorrow when she would go hunting again. The warm air that she exhaled turned into writhing wisps that flowed and danced before dissipating into the cold morning air. It had yet to snow but she knew that it wouldn't be long before it would arrive and she was dreading it. It was hard enough to hunt when every sound made was amplified in the stillness of the forest but the added difficulty of walking in snow would make hunting an even more daunting task. All these thoughts ran through her mind while she was blissfully unaware of the events that would soon take place in just a few seconds time.
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