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[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]It wasn’t the worst three days of his life by any stretch, but laying unconscious on a cold beach after clinging to large hunk of drift wood for three nights wondering if he would ever see land again definitely made it to his top ten worst experiences. [/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]He hadn’t slept much during his little adventure, it was hard keeping hold of the hunk of wood if the sea got petulant and he knew if he lost it he didn’t have a chance, he’d dozed off when the sea was calm the morning he drifted in on Tortuga’s beach, and when he hit land his body rest for the first time in days and he fell into a deep slumber, water lapping at his body in a gentle rhythm. [/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]He wouldn’t know how hungry and sore he really was until he woke up. For now he was a kid again. Frolicking in green meadows... Until a hidden branch tripped him up and sent him sprawling on his nose, tears stung his eyes and a figure came to stand over him. Mama?[/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]And then he smelled the salt water, and felt the wet sand in his fur. [/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]“Mm— ugh....”[/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]The figure standing over him was blurry and Iro closed his eyes. Too exhausted, too weak to even wonder if they were malevolent or not. It hurt even to breath, every muscle in his body felt like they’d be pulverized.[/font][/font]
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g o s h a w k //

He had been unable to sleep. The nightmares had kept him up again, running rampant through his mind and keeping him from relaxing. So instead, he decided to go do some scouting with his new found sleeplessness. He stalked around in the moonlight, looking over the cliffs, and the beaches. There had been an influx of things washing up on the beaches as of late, and some of them had been rumored to be the father of the Quartermaster. Goshawk did not get himself caught up in the details of things such as that, but if that was the case, perhaps he should pay his friend Kyron a visit, and check on him.

Sometimes the past could come back in painful waves.

Tonight, it seemed, was no different. As he was making his passages to each beach, the moonlight lit up the figure of one laying on the beach. He was unaware if they were dead from this distance, so he went to investigate. Taking caution in case this figure was up for a fight, or treading where they should not. Either way, goshawk wasn't taking chances on this body being nice. So he approached slowly, head down, and ready to bite in case this- drowned corpse lashed out. Sniffing as he approached, he scented this guy was not dead, though he was lucky to not be. He smelled of fish and sea salt, but not of death, so for now he was alive. Goshawk had no idea how long he'd been, floating or swimming, but by the state he was in, he assumed it had been long enough.

So, Goshawk waded out into the waves, waiting for a few seconds, patiently, and in a flash dunked his head under water catching a fish. He took his catch back to shore, and placed it close to the male. Waiting for him to wake. He did not rouse him, and continued to contemplate his thoughts as he waited for the male to wake.

It took a few hours, before the male moved, and when he did, Goshawk stood, placing himself over the male as he blinked out the salt from his eyes. "You are trespassing- Speak, if you can. And tell me where you came from, and what is your purpose here?" He stated matter-of-factly, and with no softness in his voice. He had caught him a meal, that was as friendly as he would get to this stranger, until he knew why he'd washed upon their shore.

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