[Acceptance] I wanna let go but there's comfort in the panic
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Trying to moving past what one once was is hard, let alone growing to become something better than you once were is just as hard. Where does one start to change what or who they are from what they once were? There were no tangible answers to these questions that plagued the young wolf. He let out a deep sigh before pulling himself from up from the ground where he was laying. His thoughts race for a few moments and being to still for too long was of no help to calm that growing storm in his head. He looked back to where he was resting, it had been his safe place, a small scratched out place near a large dead tree. This little dead tree did not offer much shade in the sand dunes. His green eyes darted about looking around him, nothing but the sand was around him, and he was sure the tree he found had likely been swallowed by the sand at one time as there were no other trees around for as far as the eye could see. He flicked his ears back before taking a deep breath and walking out from the little bit of shade in the there was to slink through the open sand dunes. 

He was opening to find water someone time soon. Not only was his mouth dry, but if she wanted to make it out of this sand alive he would need it. He lifted his head from his low stance to sniff the air trying to pinpoint where to go. He couldn't even smell it. He licked his parched maw before going on his way. He walked for what felt like a long while before he stopped in his tracks. He saw something ahead of him in the sand, was it another wolf? It was hard to make out from the distance and there was no scent as he up-wind from it. He was frozen for a moment, unsure how to react. I was out in the open with no cover in sight and he hated not having the upper hand. “Think now... what did Hyatt say to do when you are caught out in the open like this...” he mind drew a blank. He took a few steps forward keeping his eye on the on the thing in front him. After walking a few more steps he notices he still couldn't make out what it was that was in front of him. He let out a soft growl. Were his eyes playing a trick on him?

He let out a sigh once more. “Not only can I not trust my eyes, but I haven't found water,” he said in a soft angry tone. He sat his butt down in the sand and looked down at the sand. Only to find paw prints that crossed in front of where he was sitting. They didn't look too old, maybe this other wolf that walked by knew where there was water. he got up and started to follow the pawprints. As he was following the prints he thought he had been the way the print where heading. There was a small rock here and there which he thought he had seen not too far from the dead tree... He stopped in his tracks as he could make out the small dead tree he had left not to long ago. He had walked in a circle it would seem. His only hope now was to try and call for help.. surely there were others nearby right? He lifted his head up and let out a long howl. As much as he didn't want to let other to where he was, he was kind of left little choice. call and be found or die out in the sands.
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[[ You're accepted and I'm gonna add you to the ranks!! It's probably good to continue this for just a few more posts so that they can get to know each other and she can tell him more about the pack. Feel free to reach out in our OOC area or in Discord <3 ]]

It really couldn't have been more than half an hour after his call before a silhouette manifested on the wavering horizon, a figure appearing from the sands itself as it approached the stranger lost on its lands. It moved with a sort of tripping step across boiling sands with paws that had to be calloused enough to tolerate the heat, and the mirage shifted ever closer as the birds began to circle over head. A mouth opened with a siren song that went a little like-


Such beautiful screeching could only come out of an equally beautiful creature. Smalltalk trotted those final steps to meet the stranger and stopped in front of him with a shake of her dusty fur and a soft clatter of her necklace.

"I'm diggin' the 'do, my dude! My sis had one just like it!" Her grin accompanied a couple of sharp, approving nods as she picked up to circle once to consider this new face. In fact he could have very easily passed for one of her sister's kids with those markings of his, though after a moment or two of blinking she figured he couldn't have been... Right? She'd have to ask Akaika what he thought. It had been so long since she had last seen her and her life was so freaking weird, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. "Unfortunately, didn't get the same cool genes in that department... but I make up for it with my ROCKIN' BOD!"

Yes, she might have flexed and yes, she might have strutted her stuff a little. She definitely preened, feeling pretty as a peacock with that characteristic ever-present glitter of mischief in her eyes. Hey, it wasn't everyday she had someone to bother that wasn't a drooling toddler! She had to take the opportunity while it was there!

But she knew that there wasn't too much time for fun and games, not with the male in such a sorry state of dehydration. At least he had yet to get into the cactus juice! There was a reason why they never had had guards at their borders save for a few occasional patrols- the desert with its lack of resources and endless horizon was protection enough if you did not know its secrets. Turning, Smalltalk smiled at him over her shoulder. "I'm just teasin'. C'mon, let's get you some water and you can tell me what brings you to our neck o'the woods." She tossed her head playfully at him to signal he should follow before trotting off towards the east with the sun warming her back. "Or not-woods. I don't know. You know what I mean."

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