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Batzorig They / He
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    He's not new. Batzorig has been a Tortugan for some time now, although others are only now becoming aware of it. A Watchman accepted him, a member of the Arch promoted him, and both of them disappeared like so many others. Batzorig hid himself between the jungle and low-tide caverns without even meaning to. They're all closer now-- bound by loss and huddled tightly to avoid losing any more during the move. It's not that the island is smaller, but that he wants to be nearer to his packmates.
    Lions are capable of quiet: it's their nature as ambush predators, even moreso than wolves. Batzorig usually forgets this. He rears to his back legs, claws anchoring into a half-fallen trunk before pulling it down. He's a stunning sight, shining black and all bulging muscle, but not for long before he flops in the sunlight. A stereotypical male of his kind, sleeping when there's work to be done.
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