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10.16.2017 - WE HAVE NEW MODS! We would like to welcome Kookamunga, Uri, Puffin and River to the team! We also would like to formally announce our Forum Assistants, Witch and Adiemus!
10.15.2017 - We are looking for more Advertiser Mods. If you're interested, apply here. | Kotake is playing a new alpha of Inaria, Kashmir!
10.13-14.2017 - The Rules, other rewrites, and the "About us" and "IDS World" tabs have been completed. The only thing left is the hellion guidelines, new forum map, and deviantArt group rehaul. We are officially finished enough to begin advertising on other forums. Whoo!
- The OOC sections on the .org are now closed. Only the RP sections will be reply only until Nov. 1st.
- Another new pack skin is completed, "Saboro." Check it out! If you find any off colours, poke Arkyls.
10.10.2017 - Another new skin!!! Select "Arctic Ice" to see it. Like "Alteron", if you happen to find anything that looks weird or bright pink, let Gothy know. Don't forget to thank them, too!
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From ancient grasslands, decimated by fire, to the redwood forest, infested with crocs, this Pride overcomes all. Once a Pride of mighty warriors, the cats of Stoneclaw are proud of their heritage and seek to regain power in the Straits once more. They have stepped from the shadows of their ancestors to create a path for themselves and hope to guide future generations with nobility, loyalty, and determination. However, not all in the Pride is as it seems. Knowledge of the outside world is highly valued here, and the King will do most any favor... for a price.


In Dire Straits (PG-13) is a semi-realistic, open plot, multi-species/wolf focused RPG with some fantasy elements. Since 2005, our close-knit community of artists and writers have been weaving stories together without pause. Horror, heartache, love, humor, sorrow, hope— you'll find it all, and we're always eager for more authors to pen their adventures through our world.

As a community that values member contribution and creativity, we encourage world development and new concepts. Do you want to make your own pack? Do you have a new idea for a neutral territory? Pitch it to us! Make your own mark! The world is different because you're here!

We have no post length requirements, and activity is only monitored on an individual pack basis. Overall we have a lenient outlook that allows members to RP at their own pace. We're here to RP colorful wolves, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Open the first page of your first story. It'll be a good one.

Click here for more information about our playable world

Long ago, amidst an environmental catastrophe, wolves, sabres, lions, foxes, and dogs sent scouts to find a new home for their people. They discovered an ice bridge, and across the bridge was the Dire Strait, separating two pristine land masses. They forced the native inhabitants-- massive Fringe Dire Wolves and bizarre Hellbeasts-- to bend or perish. Humans came, fell, and deserted their ruins, leaving only pieces of their cultures behind. When the bridge melted, the animals remained, and over time this distant history was forgotten.

Our first chapter begins now, many years later. The strait's descendants rise up to claim the world as theirs, submerging themselves into a torrent of conflict and uncertainty. Their stories have different motivations—to love, to fight, to thrive, to build, to learn, to rule—but one instinct drives them above all: to survive.

IDS exists in a deliberately ambiguous era, comprised of an oddball mixture between the ice age, the bronze age, and the dark age. An unstable climate causes rapid and dramatic geological shifts, allowing both flexible terrain as well as entirely invented species (plant and animal), but the physics and underlying science should be familiar. Beyond the Fringe and over the Chasm exists only an uncharted, mysterious and foreign realm said to give birth to an impossible array of beasts and monsters... some truly beyond the imagination. It's safer to stay on this side.

We do not restrict character colors or markings, and all animals existing past 10,000 BC are available for creation— with some extra, forum created species. It's a big, strange world, ripe for exploring.

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World Map & Setting
Today, 06:29:19 AM
by Forum Guardian

World Map & Setting
Today, 06:29:19 AM by Forum Guardian
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Origin, fantasy animal RP
3 hours ago
by Guest

Origin, fantasy animal RP
3 hours ago by Guest
The great, dark, dense forest of Alteron flourishes inside a thick cloud of fog. Wolves of the floating isle, with its protective waters, dwell within a kingdom of power granted to the select few; the class that reigns over the bottom rungs of Alteron's society with complete control.
Sub Forums:
The Man Village
Isle of Glass

Moderated By: Azuhel, Kookamunga
The Hart. [Closed]
2 hours ago
by .Eira.

The Hart. [Closed]
2 hours ago by .Eira.
In a quaint little town lives a starry-eyed family with dreams of technological advancement. But those dreams are interrupted when the very thing they seek to destroy lives among them.
Sub Forums:
The Courthouse
The Cobblestones

Moderated By: Martin, Mutter, Nouveau, Papa, Ripley., Teddy
do no harm [Doctor Check ...
23 minutes ago
by Ember

do no harm [Doctor Check ...
23 minutes ago by Ember
Death Valley
A land comprised of sandstone, cavernous cliff sides, and a series of tar pits is encircled by a thick forest maze and inhabited by the fanatical wolves of Oukoku-Kai.
Moderated By: Anamelech
Shoujo Manga [Ezekiel]
Yesterday, 02:18:50 PM
by Hanna

Shoujo Manga [Ezekiel]
Yesterday, 02:18:50 PM by Hanna
At the end of the world lies a pack flush against the sea. A stronghold where old stories are revisited and rewritten, these windy cliffs hide opportunities and dark secrets.
Moderated By: Akira., Rhiow, Serrate, Tauro, The Ancient, Witch
3 hours ago
by Erebus

3 hours ago by Erebus
Inaria, the land of the fabled purple-flowering trees, lies nestled between the rolling hills to the north, the roaring mountains to the south, and the vast blue sea along its eastern coast.
Sub Forums:
The Sanctuary
The Outskirts

Moderated By: .Eve., Ghost, Haven, Jacana Den, Kashmir, Kay, Moons, Xenia
Paint It Black
1 hour ago
by Theron

Paint It Black
1 hour ago by Theron
These rolling meadows and lush forests provide a life of peace and prosperity for all who live within, blessed by the silvery light of Mother Moon.
Sub Forums:
The Library

Moderated By: Alana, Hayley, Julek, Mother Moon, Puffin, Uri
dragonfruit mafia [quake ...
October 14, 2017, 10:46:48 PM
by Charley

dragonfruit mafia [quake ...
October 14, 2017, 10:46:48 PM by Charley
A pack that seeks only survival by any means necessary, scraping an existence in the harsh depths of a thick jungle; the strong are branded with the red tattoo, Saboro's insignia.
Sub Forums:
Necklace of Bones
The Coliseum
The Ravine

Moderated By: Bane, Crenate, Papa, The Little Imp, The Volcano
Broken [Drift // R1]
9 hours ago
by Drift

Broken [Drift // R1]
9 hours ago by Drift
The Eastern tropical coasts are home to the ambitious and greedy pirates of Tortuga. These sea beasts inhabit islands, clean beaches, a lush jungle and an ancient pirate ship to mark their home. Enter at ye own risk.

Sub Forums:
Sargasso Island

Moderated By: Bun, Eremiel, Jadeth, Raikov, Sunblink
Undine [Mako]
7 hours ago
by Harland

Undine [Mako]
7 hours ago by Harland

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