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       Fire, all she could see was fire eating up the life in front of it and smoke billowing into the air. Salt the land so nothing grows it seemed. It was a devastating blow and was more than enough to chase inhabitants from the lands if there was no vegetation for prey to eat and therefore no prey to be caught. But wolves were attacking each other and claws and fangs ripped trails of crimson.

       Steliana tried to stay focused, searching for fallen packmates and trying to stay as small of a target as she could. She saw Magneto launch his massive form at another wolf, his steel eyes in an uncanny stare. She spread witch hazel and birch poultice on the wounded before they ran back into the fray. She narrowly avoided snapping teeth as the same red form dragged the other backwards.

       Then the smoke billowed and the combat medic was forced to duck low and run opposite of the smoke, finding herself separated from the Nightjar. She couldn't see Morrigan's silhouette in the sky and her heart was in her throat.

       No, she had to stay focused.

       The slate, cream, and black Chemist’s ears were keen for the shout for a medic, the smell of blood and Saboran, and looked for fallen comrades.

Steliana is running around and looking for people to heal. This takes place after the Fire Keeper thread but before other stuff I have planned. I'm looking for a Saboran or even an Alteronie for her to heal~
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